Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Gregorian year 2013 would begin

After 2 days, the new Gregorian year 2013 would begin. This would be the most decisive year in Pakistan's recent history. Either we would become Iraq, Syria or Libya or we would regroup, recover and begin to rise as a dignified nation. It all depends upon what destiny this unfortunate nation and its leaders chose for themselves. Elections would mean chaos, anarchy and wars.

Even right now, the province of Baluchistan is on fire. Karachi is facing a worst urban anarchy and there is no government even in Peshawar. yesterday nearly 400 TTP insurgents had attacked Peshawar and kidnapped 23 Policemen and had destroyed at least 2 major check posts in a most audacious attack. As we write, reports are coming in that the 21 kidnapped Policemen from Peshawar have been killed in captivity by the TTP. This is the anarchy which this democracy has gifted to Pakistan. Only Central Punjab remains somewhat stable. Rest of the country is already out of control of the government. The CJ is equally responsible for this collapse.

Today, the CJ, Zardari, PM, Election Commission and the army chief want to hold the elections in these times of total war and anarchy. The elections would bring back the same snakes back into power and then the same cycle of corruption, violence and war would start all over again.... This is exactly what our enemies want and we are playing right into their hands.

We have given our azaan. We have defined the mission and chalked out the strategy to deploy it. We do not have any physical power in our hands but we have the power of Azaan and the super power of Dua at our disposal. Spread the message and do Dua for Pakistan and Bud-dua for these Zalim rulers who have brought our beloved Pak Sarzameen to the brink of becoming another Yugoslavia.

The 4thGW against Pakistan has now become extremely intense. Enemies have sensed our weakness and now they are on the full offensive. The fire that these leaders have ignited would also burn their own houses as well just as Bashir Bilour died recently. More leaders would also die as the law of divine justice takes its course.

Allah has NOT abandoned us. He is only giving us time for tauba and is shaking us over and over again to wake up. Otherwise, a most severe punishment awaits this nation and it is very very close. We are already in it, only if we realize.

Astaghfurullah Azeem!!!!