Wednesday, December 26, 2012

No body has the capacity to manage Pakistan alone

Dear All, listen to this carefully and do not be naive. Like in Syria, the government has already lost control of major axis of threats and now the endgame has been set in motion. if we want to recover the country, we will have to follow a set of steps:

1. Block elections.
2. bring in patriotic caretakers.
3. start a massive bloody cleanup of terrorists and corrupt.
4. Change the system of politics which assures permanently that no corrupt or idiots ever comes into power, even changing the system to Presidential type.

Letting this system work means same slavery, same insults, same humiliation and same crisis of security and economy. The system has collapsed and need a radical surgery. No two ways about it.

It is absolutely critical to remove this regime and bring in patriotic technocratic caretakers NOW. The regime is not going to do it by itself. So we need power of people to remove it. That is where the "tsunami" of Dr. Qadri can make a difference, if he stays strong. He plans to block elections, want to bring caretakers and want to change the system. So far so good.

People say that the march to Islamabad will create anarchy. Well, we already have an ANARCHY!!!! Its going to get worse with this regime going for fixed elections while we have a war at hand.

Many people have problems with dr. Qadri. We understand. But right now, Dr. Qadri is not our problem. Zardari, this regime and 4GW is. If Imran or even Jamaat e Islami had embarked on this agenda of blocking elections and bringing caretakers, we would have said the same. So, it is not about Dr. Qadri. It is about Mission Save Pakistan, nothing else :))

From now on, there will be massive pressure on Dr. Qadri to cancel his March or to drop his agenda of blocking elections. Zardari will make all the offers now. Dr. Qadri will be offered a high post in the Caretaker government. He will be offered money, power, clout and limelight. As we said earlier also, the real test for Dr. Qadri will begin now. His fiber, character and will power will be really tested now. If he is sincere for Pakistan, he will stand firm against bribes, threats and blackmail. Else, if he is not sincere and "sent" by "someone" to harm Pakistan, then Allah will expose him soon and he will collapse and lose the greatest moment of his life to serve Pakistan. This only time will tell. So give him a break and let the destiny unfold. For now, his call has created a crisis for Zardari and the regime and this is good.

No body has the capacity to manage Pakistan alone. Not even Dr. Qadri or Imran or anyone else. There will always be a team and our reference will be Quran and Sunnah InshAllah always. If any leader tries to protect the Kufr system under the facade of changing the system, we will fight against him also. So just calm down for now and focus on the duty at hand.

Army will be watching these developments very closely. In the end, sooner or later, if the present chaos gets out of hand, they will have to intervene decisively. In the end, it will be there call. Not anybody's else. Even the PPP knows that.