Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pakistan is fighting a desperate war

Those who say that we will reduce the defense budget are not just disobeying direct orders of Quran but are also betraying our beloved Quaid. There was nothing to eat in the house of Rasul Allah (sm) but the walls were lined with weapons, bows, swords and lances.

We do NOT need to reduce the defense budget to develop our nation. We need to check corruption, block Riba based banking, apply Islamic economic system of distribution of wealth and real wealth based model and we w
ill be feeding the world.

Seven Muslims countries have been destroyed by Zionists in last 10 years. Pakistan is fighting a desperate war. Our armed forces do not have weapons to fight 5 times larger Indian army which is waging a bloody 4thGW. Still, the idiots or the traitors want to reduce Pakistan's defense budget. There is no honor in being the richest country when your freedom is taken away humiliatingly by US. Ask Japan.