Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pakistani Militant's 'Demonic' Tattoo Proves...Nothing

Allahu Akbar !

The Zionist controlled media globally and the Khawarij are now in total panic mode. US websites are trying to prove that the "Tattoo meant nothing" !! This is the biggest hit they have recieved in years, alhamdlillah !

defiant and panicked Kharji Ehsanullah Ehsan calls up Saleem Saafi of Geo News Pakistan and clarifies to him, "All 'fidaees' were Pakistani. Those with tattoo were boxers who went to stay in the West for some time, got tattoos then returned".

A perfect load of baloney, this clarification. These heretics are now in extreme panic mode and rampaging around trying to save their behinds from massive exposure once and for all.......