Monday, December 24, 2012

The Indian kids and their feelings towards Pakistan

All Pakistanis must watch this stunning video. These are the finest children from the most powerful educated families who lead India today. While the traitors and apologists within Pakistan are barking about Aman Ki Asha, just see what they are teaching their own children.

When we speak harshly against India, these snakes call us war mongers and extremists. Now what will you say to this mindset??? We only warn you against these radical Hindu Zionist Mindset.

This Mindset existed before the creation of Pakistan. This sick mindset broke Pakistan and this evil mindset exist even today. Only an insane person would take Hindus as friends. Be careful and never ever think of any peace with India. There can never be. Their strategy is always "Dagger under the arm, fake peace talks on the surface"!!!