Saturday, December 15, 2012

The solution now is to bring a patriotic handpicked technocratic caretakers

PTIand Imran should read this carefully.

We do not doubt the sincerity of Imran or PTI members but our differences are on policies and strategies deployed which are proven to be failures and disastrous. Einstein perhaps one said that definition of insanity is making the same mistake over and over again and expecting different results.

The solution now is to bring a patriotic handpicked technocratic caretakers for 3 years who would reform the system, stabilize the country 
and then prepare the grounds for a new selection/election process where only clean people can come up. Under this system led by Zardari and Rehman Malik and MQM/ANP/Nawaz gangsters, there is no hope at all for even PTI. We also see that PTI's almost entire leadership, except Imran, is tested and tried idiots or traitors. Remember what Einstein said about insanity??

Pakistan cannot afford more experiments with farce elections. This country has seen 10 elections and what has it given it???? Martial law is no solution either. If PTI members are sincere for Pakistan, they should themselves demand a patriotic caretaker government for 3 years. PTI can offer their finest brains as Think Tanks to this technocratic government to bring about a comprehensive system change in Pakistan. The result would the same which PTI wants -- bring a positive change in Pakistan. Isn't this a better solution???

There is no chance that these elections would be fair and peaceful especially in these times of war and with so much violence all over the country. Lets use common sense for Allah's sake. Demand a patriotic caretakers government. That is a sound stable strategy. All else, would be anarchy and the sincere PTI members will be responsible for harming Pakistan.

We are even willing to support Imran as a member of patriotic caretaker government if PTI stops their demand for elections. Now that is a good offer :))

Pakistgan cannot become a great nation with the system leftover by the British. Change the system first. Listen to what Quaid had said. Be part of this destiny not oppose it.