Sunday, December 30, 2012

We are NOT members or supporters of any political or religions party in Pakistan

To all those who do not read our posts calmly and then get confused, we would once again firmly state that:

1. We are NOT members or supporters of any political or religions party in Pakistan. We are Security analysts and ideological revivalists with a mission of Takmeel e Pakistan which envisions Pakistan on the model of Khilafat e Rashida, believes in Ghazwa e Hind and in creation of United states of Islam -- a Muslim block of nations with a collective security, economic and political strategy. We want to change the economic system of Pakistan which is based on Riba. We want to change the political system of Pakistan which is based on multiple political parties and corrupt democracy and we want to change the existing judicial system of Pakistan being run under the Anglo-Saxon law. There is no confusion in our mission and we have declared a total and uncompromising war against this system. We want to block the elections and bring about patriotic caretakers for 3 years would change the entire system of politics, stabilize the country against this deployed 4GW and hand the terrorists and the corrupt. This is our vision, mission and duty for which we are fighting alone for the past 5 years and will fight to the end InshAllah!

2. Now what is our association with latest mission of Dr. Qadri ? NONE !!!! We have only supported his call for bringing in patriotic caretakers and blocking the elections till the system is political reforms are made. That is it. Nothing else.

3. As we hear Dr. Sahib's programs after the Jalsa, it is becoming clear that his strategy is diametrically opposite to ours on almost the entire axis of mission and duty. He only wants to clean the election process but wants to continue with the Democracy with same political parties that we have today. We reject this in total.

4. He does not want to the caretakers to change the stabilize the country against terrorism, war and economic collapse but only want neutral caretakers to hold free and fair elections. We reject this also in total. Our stand is that elections in these times of war would ignite civil war and chaos. Massive ruthless accountability of TTP and the present regime is over due.

5. He has not mentioned anything ay changing the Anglo-Saxon law, Riba based economic system and punishment to the terrorists by the caretakers. If elections take place, these same parties would come into power by fielding new names and faces and then the entire system of Riba, democracy and judiciary would remain the same for ever. That we reject in total.

We also strongly object to MQM, whose entire leadership is known gangsters and ideologically opposed to Pakistan and serve the foreign masters on an agenda of Mukti Bahini. Their leadership is slaughtering Muslims everyday in Karachi. There is no khair in them.

As such, as we see, there is hardly any agenda which is common between us and Dr. Qadri. He has a most sincere following of patriotic and genuine Pakistanis and we respect them for that but regretfully, we seriously disagree with the deployed political strategy by Dr. Sahib. We want to block elections for 3 years solid and bring patriotic caretakers for a massive system cleanup. Dr. Sahib only want caretakers to hold free and fair elections. That is opposite to what we want or plan.

We wish them good luck but would not participate in their strategy which we feel is seriously flawed under the circumstances and also backed by snakes like Altaf and Tahir Ashrafi. We have a right to disagree and we do that with decency.