Saturday, December 8, 2012

We have done an exhaustive analysis of Khawarij

We have done an exhaustive analysis of Khawarij of today but still there are those deaf, dumb and blind whose hearts have been sealed by Allah (swt). This is called truly Bud-Naseeb people.

Rasul Allah (sm) was physically present but stil
l Abu Jahal refused to accept Islam. This is called Bud-naseeb.

Sayyadna Ali (RA) was physically present but the Khawarij called him a Kafir (naoozubillah) and asked him to recite Kalima and become Muslim again. This is called truly bud-naseeb people.

So, if such snakes could exist when Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and Sayyadna Ali was physically present, then we are not surprised that we find such snakes today also as explained by Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).

One important point to remember is that Khawarij is a specific religious/political group whose identification has been given in over 100 Ahadees of Rasul Allah (sm). Muslims can be sinful, fasiq, fajir, zalim etc but for him to become a Kharji, certain very strict conditions have to be fulfilled. That is why every sinful Muslim is NOT a Kharji. Note this carefully.

If a gang is defined to be Kharji, then Rasul Allah (sm) has strictly forbidden any negotiations or deals with them. They cannot be given safe passage or concessions. They are to be killed "where ever they may be"!!! So those who say that we can have peace deals with TTP and their snakes are violating the orders of Rasul Allah (sm). Read the brochure on Kharjis again and know these snakes. They are within us, within our masjids and within our homes. Those who follow them would become the "dogs of hell". Be very careful.