Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We say again, we are NOT the enemy.

To all followers of PTI.

BrassTacks is a patriotic think tank with a proven track record of defending Pakistan and Islamic ideology. We are NOT your enemies. Just because we have identified major flaws in your strategy, policies and vision, you have started to behave like MQM with us :) What is the difference between PTI and MQM then?? Tomorrow, if you get power in your hand, you will behave jus
t as MQM do. We are posting serious strategy issues. We have NOT attacked the personality or character of Imran. We have always considered him a well meaning person although a total naive in politics and now fully hijacked by CIA stooges like Qasuri and Qureshi. Your members are using the dirtiest possible language and making personal attacks on ZH without answering the policy issues raised. This is enough to prove what we have said about you -- unwise and arrogant group.

We say again, we are NOT the enemy. India is. You attack us and want to be friends with India. Innalillah.... Pakistan is in a state of war. The issue is not of drones or WOT alone or of militants groups. See the larger pic -- 4thGW, Af-Pak, Cold start. We don't hear these words in PTI vision at all. Wake up kiddos. You are being extremely unwise.