Sunday, January 6, 2013

Allah has NOT abandoned us

Children, calm down! Allah has NOT abandoned us. Let the enemies plot and plan and Allah is doing his own planning and indeed He is the best of the planners. This Pakistan is here to stay.

While we have strong reservations against strategy, policies and objectives of Dr. Qadri, the march towards Islamabad, if it takes place, has the potential to create a major crisis for the government of Zardari and would create a major opportunity for the army to intervene decisively to reclaim the state from the brink of anarchy.

From the disorder of the march, we have strong hopes that order for a stable, strong government would emerge with the strong arm of the army. We do not believe that any caretaker government announced on the streets would have any mandate or moral or legal authority. But such a street power can indeed create enough anarchy to create a major crisis for the regime.

Zardari is sitting strong. He needs to be thrown out. He has to be thrown out. If he goes, this entire system would collapse as well. All caretakers would be formed by the approval of the army just as it happened in Egypt.

In Egypt, millions came out on tehreer square for days but they could not remove Mubarak nor make any government. Army came out, watched the crisis for some time and then moved to remove Mubarak and held elections under their own control. It was all done by army NOT by the people. People only provided the muscle to make it easy for the army.

There is no doubt that Islamabad would be chaotic in those days. Enemy shock forces would be present within the hundreds of thousands of people, who would make easy targets for terrorists and hostile enemy assets to turn a peaceful rally into a battle zone. The field is all open. Anything can happen.

So, wait and lets see how the destiny unfolds. We will NOT be the part of the march and would wait for the Hukm of Allah to unfold.

Meanwhile, the 111 Brigade is gearing up too. They are ready to move at shortest of notice. It seems that they will be called for duty once again. By Allah, we want it now. Khair inshAllah!