Sunday, January 6, 2013

Demands of MQM/Dr. TUQ.

The government does not want to follow the demands of MQM/Dr. TUQ. The final decision would ultimately rest with the army. If the million march take place and reach Islamabad, there can only be 4 possibilities for the army:

1. Army support the government and disperse the crowds by force. Very unlikely. army would not like to clash with people to protect Zardari.

2. Army support the March and disperse the government instead. Possible but army will never support any caretaker which has MQM in it. Dr. Qadri also does not have any support within army also and lately multiple videos and evidences against him have made him highly controversial within army also. Army will not accept him as part of any caretaker government also. By joining with CIA backed MQM, Dr. Qadri has made a strategic political blunder.

3. Army stay neutral and let the clash between the government and the Marchers take place and just stay away watching the country and Islamabad burn. For some time, army can do this but not for long. 111 bdge will be kept ready for such a contingency.

4. Army decides to avoid the clash, block the march, remove the government and bring its own patriotic caretakers. There will be no martial law, demands of the marchers will also be met, government would also be removed and a civilian government would be in place and army would avoid a clash with the people.

Now lets see how things unfold. Along with MQM and Dr. TUQ, the DPC and Sipah Sahaba also plan to join the march. many other smaller groups are also joining in who would NOT be under the control of Minhaj leadership. DPC is led by Tahir Ashrafi, the Indian backed snake who has recently promised to support Altaf Hussian and Minhaj. It is getting dirty by the minute.

But as we say, InshAllah, khair will emerge from this chaos. Followers of Dr. Qadri are genuine sincere Muslims and we love and respect them but we strongly feel that Dr. Qadri is making a huge political blunder. They should have taken the advice of army before such ventures and MQM makes bad allies.

We have done our analysis based on sincerity and good faith. It is upto the readers to follow their hearts. We do not force anyone to follow our advice. Jazak Allah khair. ZH