Sunday, January 6, 2013

It is now a battle for the Caretakers!

To all members.

We know the emotions are high in all camps at the moment but even in strongest disagreements, remain decent and dignified. All posts that are abusive, humiliating and insulting would be deleted. Learn the Ikhlaq of a momin even if you feel that the person or organization is wrong. We, at BrassTacks, have strong disagreements with strategy of Dr. TUQ and his choice of allies, but we are neither Ghatia or cheap in expressing our opinion nor would be allow any member to become ghatia. Disagree with logic and wisdom and dignity please. You can be firm without being ghatia. Know the difference dears.

It is now a battle for the Caretakers!

Zardari and Nawaz wants their own caretakers.

MQM/MQ/other parties want their own caretakers.

Army would want their own caretakers who can stabilize the country against all axis of threat.

If anarchy spread in Islamabad, just as it happened in Lal masjid time, then army will surely move in and take charge of the situation and then anything can happen.....

Now when the camps have announced their intentions, no point in arguing and fighting within each other. We at BrassTacks have given our analysis and opinion. Now wait and see how the situation develops. In all cases, remain decent. Khair inshAllah. ZH