Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MashaAllah magic figure crossed !

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]

January 17, 2013

Alhamdolillah, our FB battle station has crossed 100k mark of our members today. We welcome all new members to our ideological battle station for defense of Pakistan and our ideology. But there are few important points that we would like to advice to new members.

1. This is an extremely decent forum of serious patriots. Please last few weeks of our posts below before you start to comment on this page. We are running this mission for the last 5 years and all old members know about our vision, mission, duty and strategy. New members ask very basic questions which have been answered a million times in posts and in videos.

Please educate yourself and come on board so that we can have mature discussions, else your posts may too childish or time wasters and may be deleted.

visit our website for entire details of our policy papers, videos, vision, other blogs and books.

2. Please mind your language, tone and words. No swear words, no sectarian or ethnic hatred, no ROMAN URDU. All such posts are deleted here and the member may be blocked if he or she insists.

3. It is our duty to block all dangerous thoughts and ideas which can destroy the truth we present. We DO NOT run a democracy on this page nor we support the so called idea of "free speech" ! All speech must be within the parameters of this values, ideals and goals of this page and the mission that we run. For example -- We DO NOT accept democracy at all, so please don't convince other members that we should have democracy in Pakistan. we will delete you. Sorry, but we have to be firm here. Enough of ideological anarchy.

4. We strongly support Pak army. If you abuse Pakistan or Pakistan army or Iqbal or Quaid, your posts will surely be deleted. No compromise here also.

5. You can write to me directly on my personal e-mail address which I check myself. I reply myself, much to the surprise of many :))

We are an ideological and security think tank with very strong vision for an amazing Pakistan. Now when you have joined our mission page, we welcome you on board. Stay blessed and be part of this romantic journey.