Sunday, January 6, 2013

Now US cannot wage direct wars within Muslim world

While there is a war going on within Pakistan and we fight for the heart, soul and integrity of our beloved land, Allah is helping us in strange ways. Keep an eye on the economic collapse in US also. The wars on Afghanistan and within the Muslim world have destroyed the US economy at home, just as it did with the former Soviet Union. As Baba Iqbal had predicted " this civilization has now committed suicide with its own dagger"! US economy has been given an artificial breather for two months now but they have to cut expenses, raise taxes and launch massive austerity measures and still cannot save themselves from a total economic meltdown. It is a written destiny now for this Riba based paper currency backed banking system. US dollars is now going to crash big time....InshAllah.

Now US cannot wage direct wars within Muslim world, that is why they depend upon 4th and 5th generation wars. Now, it is time that we throw the US out of Afghanistan for a permanent peace in the region. We must block NATO supplies again and help the Afghans to do with the Americans and NATO what we did to the Soviets. It is time for payback after what CIA and RAW has done to Pakistan in the last 10 years. This is natural divine justice.

To achieve a decisive victory in the region, we need a strong patriotic government in Islamabad not a corrupt, compromised and treacherous democracy which any next elections would throw up. Know the opportunities Allah is giving you. This window wont remain open for long. It is time to crush the Americans and finish this filthy war!