Sunday, January 6, 2013

On a lighter note

On a lighter note, today in the SC, we saw the most comical and ridiculous aspects of the Pakistan's Anglo-saxon judicial system. The levels of arguments, debates, delays were so petty that it was nauseatingly shameful. There were cases being heard which were filed in 1996 but still no decisions and dates were being given for 2013. The entire arguments were focused around legal technical issues but not on the substance of justice. Procedures were more sacred than the justice. Lawyers who took millions in fees were roaming like warlords but still petitioners were helpless. Court employees, khadims, Qasids etc.were powerful brokers who could move files when given Bakhshish! Huge building, billions spent in budget, artificial protocol of the British colonial system but alas, no justice, peace or redressing of the grievances. It was all so shallow, empty and pompous. Nothing sacred but made to appear as divine.

To sum up this judicial system, it reminds us of a joke when a man was held for murder charges. He hired an expensive lawyer and ordered him to create so much technical issues and somehow save him from the death penalty and get him sentenced to life imprisonment instead. After few years of spending time in jail and multiple court hearings at sessions, high and supreme court levels, the Lawyers came to the murderer and congratulated him with these words " Oh man, after great bribes, lying and cheating, I finally got you life imprisonment. The Damn judge was insisting upon acquitting you honorably" !!! :)))

By Allah, this is our judicial system today -- at all levels! If you do not believe us, then file a case in the sessions, high or supreme court and see it for yourself first hand. The more we see this judicial system, the more determined we become that we will replace this with Justice system of Khilafat e Rashida InshAllah!! That is our promise, a mission of life and duty towards Pak Sarzameen!! It is greatest of zulm to carry on with this anglo-saxon law. Zulm indeed.