Sunday, January 6, 2013

We are in a desperate state of war

Every sane patriotic analyst knows that we are in a desperate state of war, which has now been upgraded to new lethal levels of 5th Generation warfare -- spreading of perpetual anarchy to keep the country in a state of war and chaos. Altaf Hussain has also announced his return to join the march of Dr. Tahir. MQM gangsters are already spreading death in Karachi and now plan to repeat their act in Punjab and Islamabad. NWFP and Baluchistan is already in total chaos. Now it is turn of Islamabad to be turned into a battlefield.

Pakistan is facing a slow painful death, Naoozubillah. InshAllah, Allah will never abandon us and these tough times will also come to pass but for now we are surrounded and ruled by traitors, gangsters and the corrupt. This will be a most severe test for General Kayani also. How long would he wait while the enemies turn the country into a graveyard! He knows the threats but why is he delaying, only Allah knows! he will be responsible for any further harm that comes to Pakistan.