Monday, January 28, 2013

We need to prepare for the war which is already upon us

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]

January 29, 2013

All Pakistanis must read this warning from a dervesh, written by Orya Sahib. Ghazwa e Hind is a reality and very close. Its initial war has already been declared against Pakistan by India. We have warned this earlier also and you saw that during the Long march -- when there would be internal anarchy in Islamabad, Indians would use the opportunity to enter Pakistan for invasion.

A elderly dervesh/ faqeer said " No matter what you do, Bharat will launch attack from river tawi on top of jalalpur jattan, i am WARNING YOU "

Jalalpur Jattan is a town located in Gujrat District, Punjab, Pakistan.

Tawi is a river that flows through the city of Jammu

India has 11 Mountain divisions and 5 Infantry Divisions deployed in that region that is what in simple words called 700000 Indian troops in Kashmir. They have two Armor Divisions, one at Bathinda and other at Hissar near this region to support their infantry and occupy Plains and semi-hilly terrains of Punjab and Kashmir! Battle is near, Buzurgs/ Awliya, dervishes & faqeers told this.

After the short range battlefield Nasr missile, It is impossible for India to face Pakistani Forces in deserts. They will try for North of Punjab and Kashmir which is populous area and Nasr cannot be used there. Moreover India has no beloved citizens in that area, Sikhs are not their own people and Kashmiris are not human beings for them so they will open that front more likely to avoid any collateral damage to them. India many times stated that they will open the front of their will.

Only Allah knows best about the timings but we have a fair idea of the chosen battlefield. For now, the war is being fought within our streets and cities to prepare the ground for the massive external invasion.

Pakistan does NOT need elections. We need security on our streets and economic stability under a caretaker government for 3 years. We need to prepare for the war which is already upon us.