Monday, February 25, 2013

Are we spreading panic or giving mature, timely, wise advice -- be honest !

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]

February 25, 2013

After our post last night about the power breakdown, many blamed us for spreading panic. We can only say Innalillahe inna ilyhe rajeoon. Let us respond to those who have hearts to understand the wisdom.

When a major crisis of this nature, specially a national power blackout happens, this can be due to two reasons:

1. It can be an accident.
2. Or it can be a deliberate attack to cripple the national grid.

In both of the above scenarios, enemies and criminals can exploit the confusion, uncertainty and panic and that is why armed forces always take such scenarios very seriously and go on extra alert. No one know even now the exact cause of the breakdown and no one knew last night when the power would come back. We had felt that panic has already started to set in and people were talking about a military coup, an enemy attack or anarchy.

Then we made our post:

1. We asked the members NOT to panic.
2. We asked them not to take it lightly as the breakdown could be from a sabotage.
3. We told them and also to the enemies that our armed forces are ready to respond to any threats. This boosts the morale of the friends and sends a firm message to the enemies.
4. We asked our members to stay indoors as situation was not clear at all. In all such cases, it is always safe to take precaution instead of behaving carelessly.
4. We asked them to save batteries and use car chargers in case power does not return early.
5. Then we gave them hope that InshAllah, there will be khair and asked each one to help each other in this test.

Now, be honest, are we spreading panic or giving mature, timely, wise advice in times where there were total confusion and panic was already settling in through rumors and whispers ??

Remember this basic rule of security management. When a situation develops, you always take the worst case scenario and then plan accordingly. For example: When you park your car in the market, you always assume that it will be stolen. That is why you put multiple locks on the car. You never assume that all is fine and no body will steal the car, so we can leave the doors unlocked ! Only an idiot would do that and would then pay the price very soon.

The same laws apply on matters of national security. when there is a national crisis, the top managers always assume that it is due to mischief or sabotage or enemy attack and take precaution accordingly. Only an insane idiot would call it spreading panic. Such idiots do not last long in life and sooner and later burn themselves and their families because of their casual reckless attitude.

You will hardly come to know this but on all Eids' and national celebrations when the entire nation is busy in enjoying their lives, PAF and armed forces are always on highest alert to prevent any enemy attempt when the nation is casual. This is the difference in security mindset which the very ordinary people cannot understand.

Our one last advice to those who have problems with our posts: Please leave the page and make space for those who can respect and appreciate the mission this team is doing for the sake of Pak Sarzameen. We offer no apologies and we have shown enough patience to the idiots who just refuse to understand.

We have a duty to defend this Pak Sarzameen. We are honored to be selected for this divine mission. We welcome all Pakistanis and Muslims to be part of this amazing destiny but now have zero tolerance for those who have chosen to remain deaf, dumb and blind.

Khair inshAllah.

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