Saturday, February 23, 2013

We strongly reccomend you all to get the book "Saat samandar, saat safar" by Ibn Anqa

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]

 February 23, 2013

While we defend our land and ideology, we must defend our language Urdu as well. Here we would strongly recommend all of you to read this unique Urdu book by Ibn Anqa "saat samandar, saat safar" ! published by Al-Quresh publications Lahore.
The most incredible part of this book is that NOT a single word of English has been used in the entire book. New Urdu translations have been added of commonly used English words like passport, hotel, mobile phone, visas, train, films and sims... making this a truly a pleasure to read, enriching new Urdu diction.
Extremely amusing with a class sense of humor, this book will set you into burst of uncontrollable laughter on every page. Go get your copy and start using the new Urdu terms to make them viral. We needed such a book and now we got one.

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