Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fear Allah for He does not tolerate any arrogant snob!!

The appointment of that snake Najam sethi should tell you that the CIA already controls the circus of democracy. Every political party is in their pocket now. Nawaz Shareef has already sold his soul to the CIA and RAW. MQM, ANP and PPP are actually anti-state. IK has been surrounded by confirmed CIA assets who were the architects of CIA's policy towards Pakistan during Musharraf era and later. All those who still have hope in this democracy should go and hang themselves then. Momin is NEVER and idiot.

The appointment of Najam sethi is a slap on the face of Chief Justice also!! Let this Chief Justice retire, InshAllah, we will file case of treason against him as well and bring him in a Sharia court for not protecting Pakistan when he was the Chief Justice!!

All those who say that Musharraf or Imran or Nawaz is the only hope should fear Allah. Stop saying this Kalima of Shirk!! Our only hope is Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) and deen of Islam, not any individual, who is not even trying to establish the rule of Quran in Pakistan.

Stop becoming so arrogant that you start to challenge Quran and Hadees. Fear Allah for He does not tolerate any arrogant snob!!

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