Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In reality, PTI wants a liberal, secular, westernizes, democratic state

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]

March 25, 2013

In Karachi Jalsa, IK promised to create an Islamic state on the model of Khilafat e Rashida. He promised it & we have the right to ask HOW ?

PTI wants to create a liberal, secular, westernized, democratic welfare state. But then why they claim to stand for Islamic welfare state?

It is NOT Islamic welfare state when banks are based on Interest & fake paper, judiciary on 1860 Anglo-Saxon law. Would PTI change these ? Their manifesto does not say so. Their economic plan is already out. same banks, same Riba, same taxes.. . What is Islamic about it ??

Islamic welfare state means entire judicial, political & economic systems radically altered from Anglo-Saxon to Sharia.

Let’s be honest. If PTI cannot change the Banking & judicial system, then they should NOT use the term "Islamic". Only welfare state is fine.

IK's first promise on March 23rd was that he will always speak the truth. Let us get a straight and truthful answer.

Is it going to a secular western liberal welfare state ??


An Islamic welfare state based on Khilafat e Rashida ??

If it is going to an Islamic welfare state, then PTI manifesto, their vision, mission and body language must reflect that. So far, it is all liberal, western, secular, part of the same status quo Kufr system, no different from PPP or PML.


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Muhammad Khurram Nadeem said...

Thanks for your concerns...!I respects your opinion bt I dont think so its right... my englsih is nt good so I will write in urdu and hope u will like this..
sir hum log bhi patriot hain jaisay ap hain ap bhi pakisatn ko behtar daohkna chahtay hain aur hum bhi aur humaray elawa bohat saray log bhi...magar har aik ka apna rasta ha manzil tak pohanchnay ka... yaqeenan hum me bhi bohat se log buray ho ga magar humay to khud sahi rasta pr chalna ha sabit qadam rehna ha taka logo k lia is achay role modles bna sakain... INSHA-ALLAH hum pakistan ko ISLAMI FALAHI RAYASAT bnany me kamyab ho jain ga jisay daikh kar ap hum aur tmam pakistani daikh kr kush hon ga..
Dua kartay rahiya ga..