Sunday, March 10, 2013

Namaloom afraad !!

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]

March 10, 2013

With only 5 days left to this government, just imagine the chaos and anarchy they are creating now.

1. Billions of dollars of national forex reserves have mysteriously disappeared, leaving the country with only 3 months of reserves for imports!! rest are all gone..... . The country is on the brink of economic collapse where even salaries of the govt employees of army wont be possible unless they take more loans from the IMF on horrific terms. Billions of dollars have been robbed in the biggest state level robbery of all times.

2. There is still fierce infighting over the names of the caretaker govt. Each party wants to control the caretaker setup, hence cannot decide yet when there is only 5 days left to this govt. it is a sickening anarchy.

3. Karachi has collapsed and the government is reluctant to hand over the city to the army but police and rangers just cannot handle the chaos. With entire focus on looting and fixing the next caretaker govt, no body has time for law and order. Baluchistan and FATA are also in a state of war with no government writ.

4. The caretakers will be faced with impossible options of holding the elections or saving the country against lawlessness and economic collapse. Elections cannot be held under these state level failures and the weak caretakers and toothless Election commission will attempt the suicide nevertheless.

army still waits and watches the collapse without interfering in the political process. Now either they will attempt a rescue too late like the Yugoslavian army which failed to save the federation or Pak army will keep waiting like the Soviet army which saw the destruction of the country and still waited....

The only option to rescue the nation is that if the army intervenes decisively to bring in patriotic caretakers and let them stabilize the country for any political process. Else... we wait for the Syria scenario.

This is the reality of the crisis. If someone wants to remain blind, then let him be. Allah will not ask them before He unfolds the destiny. Time for the arguments and debates is long gone now. NO ONE has the control over events now. The solution is what we are proposing. Else it is all zillat, chaos, anarchy and war.....

We have conveyed the message to the rulers and to those who claim to lead this nation. Now the fate will unfold itself.

Khair inshAllah


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