Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Real Face of Najam Sethi

Those who wanted democracy should now hang their heads in shame. A terrorist, traitor, killer and an enemy of Rasul Allah (sm) has become the CM of Punjab. His other friends have arrived in Baluchistan to ignite the rebellion in Baluchistan once again, after they win the elections through the terrorism of BLA.

Today, these snakes wear beautiful masks. Their reality is snake!! read about Najam sethi and know why we demanded death for this snake in our petition in the SC. The entire fraud of elections is now obvious even for the blind. The game to break Pakistan, just like 1971, has been set in motion. Rebellion started there after the elections. This time, from Punjab to Baluchistan to Sindh to NWFP, these terrorists are massively organizing.

Khair inshAllah !!

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