Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]

March 6, 2013

Some of my closest and best friends are from Bugti tribe who are most patriotic and strong defenders of Pakistan. Mir Ahmadan Bugti, Sarfraz Bugti and Tariq Massori Bugti. In this picture, Sarfraz Bugti (without the cap) is visiting our office. You must ask these Bugti tribesmen what is the reality of BLA and Akbar Bugti. They will tell you that BLA and Akbar Bugti was responsible for killing the Bugti tribe and waging a war against Pak sarzameen. They will tell you that Pak army is protecting the Baluch people against BLA terrorism. They will tell you that it is the Bugti tribe which is at war with BLA and Nawab Akbar Bugti. Today, the family of Nawab Akbar Bugti cannot even enter Dera Bugti because of the crimes they have committed against their own Bugti tribe. These patriotic Bugtis will tell you that each and every Bugti knows that Akbar Bugti committed suicide and Pak army did NOT kill him. why don't you ask them ???

There is no issue of rights of Baluchistan. Over 60% population of Baluchistan is Pashtuns. They are NOT demanding any rights nor they are fighting against Pakistan. if Baluchistan was deprived, then they should also be demanding freedom. The entire government for the last 5 years belong to Baluchis, from the Governor to the CM to Ministers. what have they done for the province ???

Over 90% Baluch are patriotic too. It is the media which only project the traitors and snakes like NS promote the terrorists. Patriotic Baluch tribals are NOT given any coverage on media because media is part of this war against the state.

Know this well that NO real Baluch wants to be separate from Pakistan. Only a few thousands idiots funded by enemies are waging this insurgency.

Sarfraz Bugti is a pure blooded Bugti tribal. He is fighting to defend Pakistan. He is real Pakistani NOT Talal Bugt, Brahmdagh Bugtii, who are the traitors.

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