Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What is common between Zaid Hamid, Musharraf and Imran Khan ?

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]

March 26, 2013

What is common between Zaid Hamid, Musharraf and Imran Khan ?? Nothing really.

But let us share with you an untold secret.

Musharraf was a very patriotic man. Totally destroyed by his lack of deen knowledge, his political naivety, his highly secular western outlooks, extremely bad advisers. He destroyed himself and also Pakistan. I worked closely with Musharraf as an unofficial adviser as Security analyst and a friend for 7 years, advising him daily on his mistakes. But he never listened. He still respects me a lot. But he had to do what his official advisers told him under the US dictations. Musharraf's policies destroyed himself and also harmed Pakistan despite his good intentions. I tried hard but there was no body to listen and today we see the chaos.

Exactly the same with IK. Patriotic, most naïve in politics and even stupid on occasions, has zero knowledge of deen, highly western secular in approach, thought and outlook and has extremely dangerous advisers. IK is exactly on the same path as Musharraf. He will destroy himself and Pakistan, Naooz u billah. I have met IK and tried to advice him too but he had chosen his path and now cannot change it. Like a batsman who has committed on a dangerous ball and now has to play it, even it means losing his wicket. This is the tragedy.

We see a huge catastrophic tragedy in the making in the form of these elections. The euphoria you see today will soon give way to fear and anarchy, astaghfurullah. Now, people are too intoxicated to see the disaster but soon, they will suffer. Then time for tauba wont be there - just punishment. may Allah forgive us all.

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