Monday, April 29, 2013

Know your destiny. This is mission Takmeel e Pakistan.

Our founding fathers were genuinely clear about the Islamic model of governance, economy and politics. Nawab Bahadur Yar Jang is one of the great companions of Quaid and our founding father. Here, in this amazing speech, he clearly spells out the pristine principles of the Islamic economic model and its wisdom of equatable distribution of wealth to create an Islamic welfare state.

There can be NO welfare state without following the principles of Quran and sunnah and our founding fathers were very clear about it.

1. Economy without interest and Riba.
2. Distribution of inheritance to prevent accumulation of wealth.
3. Zakat and Usher for preventing hoarding of wealth.
4. nationalization of strategic assets to benefit the entire society as a whole instead of capitalistic monopolies.

This is one of the most fascinating speech on economy and now you can also understand the speech of Quaid on the opening day of State bank of Pakistan where Quaid had rejected the western economic model and had called for an economic model based in Quran and sunnah.

Know your destiny. This is mission Takmeel e Pakistan.

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