Monday, April 29, 2013

Millions paid from secret fund but billions not revealed

Entire filth of the fifth column and treacherous media is now out!! But even the SC has named the small fish but have protected the alligators who earned haram bribes despite being paid regular salaries from their institutions. The huge names are being protected even by the SC.

This is the dirty, filthy reality of Azaad media and the "sacred" profession of journalism !! They are not different from pimps, peddlers and are literal presstitutes except a very rare few !!

Astaghfurullah !! What have they been doing with these funds ??? These are only from one source -- Ministry of Information. How much more they have been taking from India, RAW, CIA and private gangsters ???? Media is the filthiest business on earth where everything is for sale under the facade of journalism. A most harsh accountability is long over due !!

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