Monday, April 29, 2013

Pakistan Red Mosque cleric granted bail: lawyer

It is being reported that the High court judge Shaukat Siddique who refused bail of Musharraf is a former Lal masjid lawyer of Mullah Aziz and a MMA candidate from Pindi in 2002 elections.

Pakistan Red Mosque cleric granted bail: lawyer
(AFP) – Apr 15, 2009
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AFP) — Pakistan's supreme court on Wednesday granted bail to the deposed chief cleric of Islamabad's radical Red Mosque, who was captured two years ago during a bloody siege, his lawyer said.
"A three-judge bench of the Supreme Court granted bail to Maulana Abdul Aziz. He will be released on a surety bond worth 200,000 rupees (2,482 US dollars)," lawyer Shaukat Siddiqui told reporters.


It is also being reported that the ATC judge Abbas Zaidi is the brother of Captain Zaidi, who was arrested by ISI in Islamabad for smuggling weapons to the Black waters. Capt Zaidi was also court Martialed by Musharraf for cowardice in Siachin.


If these two news about judges is true, then we are forced to say that Musharraf is not facing a trail but judicial terrorism of the worst kind. It is NOT the guilt of the accused which destroys the nation. It is the crimes of the judges which destroy nations.

Musharraf must face a fair trial but what the judiciary and lawyers are doing is judicial terrorism, pure and simple.

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