Monday, April 29, 2013

Please note this critical point.

Dear members and children, pl note this critical point.

Everyday, hundreds of new members are joining this page and for them we give these guidelines:

This is a serious patriotic page of Mission Takmeel e Pakistan. We have a strong policy towards Pakistan, Quaid, Baba Iqbal, our ideology, identity, Khilafat e raahidal model, Ghazwa e Hind, United states of Islam and our armed forces. This page will NOT tolerate any negative comments on the above issues. Please follow our mission for some time before you start to comment on this page.

comment with knowledge and follow our point of view on major issues before you comment. Ignorant comments will be removed. For example: when we say that judiciary is not doing justice, the comments we receive is "why are you supporting Musharraf" ?. or when we say that democracy is bad, they say why are we supporting Martial Law. Such stupid comments will not just be deleted, the member will also be blocked. Follow the last one week of our posts before joining in the discussion.

DO NOT write in Roman Urdu. Use pure Urdu or English only. DO NOT use abusive language or swear words. No sectarian or ethnically biased comments.

Sorry to be harsh, but we have to control the anarchy which the media is spreading. This is a page where you get clarity, vision and wisdom. We are NOT media to lie, decisive or confuse the nation.

For us, this is a serious battle station and in battle, non-sense is not tolerated. remain respectful, decent and courteous. You have come here on your own and we will request you to follow our rules.

Welcome to the most romantic mission of Takmeel e Pakistan. Together we make this journey, InshAllah.

with dua and salam


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