Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The youth of Pakistan now demand Sharia and NOT democracy

When we told you to be patient and just spread the message of Takmeel e Pakistan and Khilafat e Rashida, many impulsive youth became impatient and demand that we should do something "practical" :)) What can be more practical than speaking the truth against the Kufr of democracy, filth of Anglo-saxon laws and evils of banking system. Alhamdolillah, our movement is giving fruits now.

The youth of Pakistan now demand Sharia and NOT democracy. This is an incredible turnaround in a society where media was totally controlled by the liberal secular.

So how did this amazing fact became possible ???? How come youth have rejected democracy and now demand Islamic code of life ?? This is the Barakah of mission Takmeel e Pakistan which has been igniting the passion of Ishq e Rasul (sm), Baba Iqbal, Quaid and Takmeel e Pakistan. Each one of you have participated in this duty to make your fellow youth aware of this amazing destiny.

MashAllah mubrak to you all. InshAllah, now Allah will create ways and means for us to also establish what we want. Nizam e Khilafat e Rashida InshAllah !! We have won the war of the hearts and minds, Allahu Akbar !!

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