Monday, April 29, 2013

Trusting Musharraf was a strategic failure: Bruce Riedel

Since the treacherous politicians, media and judiciary want the head of Musharraf to roll, we want to set some record straight.

Before you comment on this post, read once again, what we have written about Musharraf yesterday , his blunders and failures. He is guilty on some counts and NOT guilty on some. We are NOT Musharraf supporters. Only an idiot would say that. We speak on truth and facts to remove the fog created by media.

Things are NOT as simple as they appear under media deceptions. These are sensitive matters of state, never shared with public, not with teenagers and politicians at least :))

While Musharraf did support US on many critical issues, he did not support them on many counts and resisted. That is why US decided to replace him. That is why Zardari was brought in who wrote the Memo and wanted to do all what Musharraf could not do.

We are not giving any comments here. Just want you to read what the CIA has to say about their failures in Afghanistan. They are holding Pak army responsible for US defeat and helping Afghan Taliban :).

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