Friday, May 31, 2013

Watch Zaid Hamid on AB TAK TV-

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]

May 31, 2013

InshaAllah watch Zaid sb on AB TAK TV at 10:15 pm discussing about National Security, Baluchistan and elections.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

All TTP are useful diapers !

See the irony of the situation.

TTP was beaten into submission by Pak army and pushed into Afghanistan, where TTP was under pressure from their handlers to go back into Pakistan and fight.

On their part, TTP wanted to gain time to regroup, rest and re-supply and thus tried to take advantage of the new government in Pakistan to try to start "peace" talks, just to gain time and space.

The handlers of the TTP were furious at this as the RAW/CIA demands were to increase the war inside Pakistan. When TTP tried to resist the CIA pressure, their number 2 Qari Waliu Rehman was assassinated by a CIA drone, sending a signal to the rest of the TTP leadership to fall back in line.

The message was conveyed loud and clear and immediately, TTP refuse any peace talks with Pakistan and vow to resume their war !!

Mission achieved for CIA. Imagine, If CIA had killed TTP leader, TTP should have declared a war against CIA. Instead, they resume their war against Pakistan funny isn't it. This is called using disposable diapers for waging a war :)) All TTP are useful diapers. Will be used to wage war against Pakistan and when they start to stink, they will be eliminated. Useful idiots for the RAW/CIA covert operations against Pakistan.

Fateh 1453 and Sheikh Imran Hussian‏

Dear members, children, elders, let us clarify some points. First make a correction in the previous post. Constantinople was captured in 1453, that makes it 560 years not 521 years. Sorry about the maths :))

Now the most important point.

The Hadees about Constantinople fully and firmly applies on Sultan Fateh Rehmat Ullah Alehe. He is the blessed Sultan who captured the city from the Crusaders, 900 years after the saying of the Hadees by Rasul Allah (sm). He was the first from the entire Ummah to achieve this glory and barakah. DO NOT doubt this fact. For the last 560 years, the entire Muslim Ummah have acknowledged this fact without doubt. It was because of this feat that Khilafat was transferred to Usmani Turks by the entire Ummah. This is NOT an issue of debate for us.

Sheikh Imran Hussian is wrong about the interpretation of the Hadees of Constantinople. He is also wrong about Sultan Fateh. Sheikh Imran also does not believe that Pakistan army will fight the Ghazwa e Hind. He is wrong here as well. He is a good scholar but he is a human being too and has made mistakes here. That is his own opinion and we don't accept it.

Constantinople has been captured as promised by a Jannati Sultan and his Jannati army. InshAllah, Pakistan army will lead, fight and capture Delhi. It does not matter if anyone disagrees or argues about it. The fate is written and will unfold InshAllah for all to see. There was a reason why Pakistan was created under the shadow of Medina. There was a reason why we were blessed with Iqbal and Quaid. There was a reason why we were made nuclear power. We have made Medina e Sani. Now "Fatah Makkah" is also close, InshAllah !!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An event of gigantic magnitude shook the world and change the history till the present times

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.
May 29, 2013

May 29th, 521 years ago, an event of gigantic magnitude shook the world and change the history till the present times -- The city of Constantinople was captured by Sultan Muhemmed Fateh to fulfill a 900 years old Hadees of Rasul Allah (sm). The Geo-politics changed on the basis of spiritual intelligence.

Now the time has come to fulfill another Hadees of Rasul Allah (sm). The recapturing of Delhi !!! Prepare yourself..

From Constantinople to Delhi - Zaid Hamid

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The day the Jewish and Hindu Zionists trembled !!

May 28, 2013

The day the Jewish and Hindu Zionists trembled !! The day when there were Eid like celebrations all over the Muslim world and the Palestinian Children taunted the the Israelis that now WE are a nuclear power !! Allahu Akbar !!!!

The rider on the white horse !!‏

Why would Allah (swt) bless you with a Salahuddin Ayubi, a Tariq Bin Ziyad or Tipu Sultan or Quaid e Azam if you continue to chose filth in this democracy ?? You will have to ask Allah to open the doors or mercy for this millat and bless us with a leader whose obedience would be Ibadat for the nation. Leave the procedures to Allah (swt). He is all wise and all powerful. He knows how to bless a nation when they deserve His mercy.

Our duty is to make a firm stand for Khilafat e rashida model, prepare for Ghazwa e Hind, desire United States of Islam and wage a war against Riba and Khawarij. Only those who do this duty today will be part of creating the future tomorrow. Those who sit on the fence or join the Kufr will not be in the party of Allah (swt). This is decided.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Only the blessed souls are being selected for this sacred duty !

If we had achieved what our founding fathers wanted, then today Pakistan would have been the greatest nation on earth, leader of the Ummah, a bastion of peace, justice and equality. Now this is our duty to complete the destiny left unfinished. It is written. It will happen. Only the blessed souls are being selected for this sacred duty.

Signs of Khawarij - the same document in Urdu

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.
May 27, 2013

The same document in Urdu. Each one of you can join this war against dogs of hell. Rasul Allah (sm) has blessed the army and the people who fight against Khawarij like TTP. Fight them with your keyboards in the cyber world and destroy their propaganda against Darul Islam Pakistan !!

The greatest fitnah which this nation faces today is from Khawarij.

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.
May 27, 2013

The greatest fitnah which this nation faces today is from Khawarij. While we fight the Riba system, we also have to fight the dogs of hell who are attacking our beloved Medina e Sani Darul Islam Pakistan !! Know them well and expose them on all forums. Here is English translations and commentary of Ahadees of Rasul Allah (sm) against these Khawarij. know them and fight these dogs of hell !

There can be no dialogue with such murderers and killers

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.
May 26, 2103

TTP are Khawarij, the dogs of hell !! There can be no dialogue with such murderers and killers. We did dialogue with them in Swat and signed the Shariat Ordinance but the agreement did not last 2 weeks. They can only be crushed, by force.

If there is anyone within their ranks who want to do tauba, then they must openly declare that Pakistan is Darul Islam and fighting against Pakistan is haraam !! only then, there can be any talks for giving them exit. If they continue to declare Pakistan as Darul Kufr and consider killing of Pakistanis as "Halaal", then there can be no talks with terrorists.

We warn Nawaz Shareef for making any surrender against these animals. Talks can be done with human, NOT with "dogs of hell" !! Keep this Hukm of Rasul Allah (sm) in front of you when you talk about the Khawarij of TTP.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Detailed and exhaustive book on Islamic currency systems.

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.
May 26, 2013 

Here is a very detailed and exhaustive book on Islamic currency systems. It is in Urdu and would be useful for serious scholars on Islamic finance. In reality, the basic principles of Islamic finance are so simple that eve a 12 years old can understand them. The economists and the Mullahs have deliberately made them complicated to maintain their hold on the subject.

It is a curse that humanity is stuck in fake paper system, run by zionist bankers, with massive inflation

When there was real currency in Gold and Silver, the entire Ummah was free, without borders, without visas, without currency exchanges, without Central banks or private banks ! Muslims traded in market places, traveled great distances, paid no income tax or sales tax and there was zero inflation, meaning that prices would not rise in hundreds of years !!

1400 years ago, a chicken was 1 silver Dirham. Even today a chicken in 1 Dirham !! Can any currency in the world give this much stability??

It is a curse that humanity is stuck in fake paper system, run by zionist bankers, with massive inflation, central bank controls which is enslaving the entire humanity. The war against Riba is not for Muslims alone but for entire humanity. Every human being of the planet must join the forces of Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm).

Every American is a slave to the banks -- in debt through credit cards, mortgage and loans.

Even the founding fathers of the US knew that the private banks printing bank notes would destroy the US freedom into slavery of the banks. It has happened today. Every American is a slave to the banks -- in debt through credit cards, mortgage and loans.

This is the reason why Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm) have declared war on the entire banking system. Anti-Riba movement is now strong in the Ummah and we are on the side of our Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), fighting against the Riba and its instruments/Institutions.

Educate yourself and be prepared to fight back. Lanat Allah on Riba, Ahlan Wa sahlan to Khilafat e Rashida's real wealth based Tijarat and Baitul Maal !! Watch our series Economic Terrorism and Khilafat e Rashida. This is the war Allah wants us to fight today.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Darul Islam Pakistan !! InshAllah

Darul Islam Pakistan !! InshAllah

It is the power of dreams which create history, change destinies and achieve glories. InshAllah, one day you will see these dreams turn into reality !!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

We at BrassTacks now start distributing / sale of these coins as well.

Dear team,

Be the proud owner of Islamic currency of the future, mashAllah. We at BrassTacks now start distributing / sale of these coins as well.

MashAllah, have received about 100 such Silver Dirhams from a friend for sale to team members as souvenirs. If anyone wants to buy these please contact our office directly and ge them collected by hand. These cannot be sent via tcs etc. Limited quantity means that first come first serve basis would be used. Office land line phone 051-5598046,7 or email Saeed or Shami.

The selling price is Rs: 400 per dirham coin. Please note that at this stage due to very low quantity, manufacturing cost, import and packaging, the cost is higher as these are not for mass commercial trade but private collection as gifts only.

These are 3 gm of pure silver packed in an air tight plastic box. At the present rate of silver at $22 per ounce, this 3 gm coin has silver worth Rs: 215/= only. Rest are overheads. Silver price is expected to rise to about $50 per ounce which means that the 3 gm silver in this coin would rise to around Rs: 450 +.

The company which is making these is trying to open up their office here. In that case, then you can buy and sell directly from them. The guarantee that they give is that you can sell this coin back to them at the price you buy it. For example, if you by this today at 400/=, then you can sell it back to them at 400/= after a month, or an year irrespective of the cost of the silver.

InshAllah, once mass produced here, these will be used more regularly for zakat payment, gifts, savings etc as the coin cost would be closer to the silver cost with minimum production and transportation costs. Right now, the coin is expensive due to these factors, but still a collectors item for emotional and ideological reasons.

InshAllah, very soon, this will be the currency of the Ummah. We are also making new coins also specific to Darul islam Pakistan, MashAllah !!!

May Allah give you barakah and may you remain firm in this most amazing journey. Barak Allah feekum.

This one hour of your life, could determine how you would live for the rest of your lives

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.
May 23, 2013

Watch this 1 hour video to know the extent, scope, vision, concepts and future of the Gold Dinar movement -- the greatest response to the Riba based Banking in the world. This one hour of your life, could determine how you would live for the rest of your lives. Khair inshAllah.
Overview of the Dinar Movement

Dear members, listen to this advice seriously.

Dear members, listen to this advice seriously.

The greatest fitnah and weapon of shaitan is that he gets you involved in petty issues and debates to distract your attention from the issues which are most serious with Allah (swt) and Rasl Allah (sm). The greatest gift that Allah gives to a Momin is “sharah e Sadr”, the clarity of heart and vision to see the things others don’t see. There is dua o
f Hazrat Moosa which starts with “Oh Allah bless me Sharah e Sadr…… “. Allah gifts Rasul Allah (sm) with Sharah e Sadr… Alam Nashrah….

When Allah punishes a person, Allah makes them blind at the heart and vision. Always seek astaghfar from this punishment. These are the worst of the creatures, only create fitnah due to their myopic vision, blackened hearts and being deaf, dumb and blind. They are the abu jahal of the time with no wisdom to understand the verses of Quran and sunnah. There are many within Muslims like these.

We are on the greatest mission of the 21st century and the affects of what we are doing now will determine the fate, destiny and future of the humanity. Understand the magnanimity !!! This is no ordinary “naikee ka kaam” or Charity. This is the war in which we fight as the front line fighters for Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm). Any one against us in this war against Riba is actually fighting Allah and Rasul Allah (sm). Make no mistake about this.

Also, understand the sin of Riba. No other sin match this greatest of sin in human relations. Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) are at war with the entire Riba system – Banking, paper currency, Interest….

Also, it is narrated in Mubarak Hadees that Riba has 70 sins in it and the smallest sin out of those 70 is like committing adultery with your own mother !! Astaghfurullah al azeem.

Now do you realize how huge this war is ??????

The entire Muslim world and its leaders/ scholars, except few exceptions, have accepted Riba as a fate accompli. Next to Masjid e Nabwi shareef, there is entire system of Banks dealing in Riba, astaghfurullah. No one says a word about it. People are ready to kill if someone has short beard, differs in sect, prays differently but are totally silent when it comes to Riba system. Imagine?? Is this ignorance, Jahalat, stupidity, blindness or a punishment from Allah ???? All of it actually. This the azaab this ummah suffers today.

People are objecting/debating on my beard, my red shirt or cap, on my picture of the coin with a pic of Rauza at the back, our writing of the Kalima on the coin, on propaganda that I am a Qadiani (naooz billah), a paid ISI agent, on my hair……. But those objecting upon this faqeer are dead silent on Riba, in fact are at war with Rasul Allah (sm), knowingly or unknowingly, but are so keen to debate the lies what shaitan shows them.

Understand this – when we fight the Dajjal, the greatest war to defend our faith and honor of Rasul Allah (sm), anyone raising these stupid issues to change the subject is fully and totally under the influence of shaitan and he would not even know it. If anyone of you is doing this, stop and ponder and do tauba now. Open your eyes !

It is like a group of Muslims being slaughtered by Kuffar and another group of Muslims watching them being slaughtered but not offering any help. But when a Mujahid draws a sword to kill the kuffar to protect the weak Muslims, the other spectator group of Muslims start to scream Haraam Haraam because the beard of the Mujahid is small or his sword has Kalima written on it !!! Understand the example and ponder deep.

This is what “Muslims” of today do. They destroy the greatest of movements and their leaders by only objecting to non-issues petty things which mean nothing or have little meaning in front of the huge duty what that Faqeer or his group is trying to do for the Ummah.

It is the wisdom of the Momin to understand the priority of the steps to be taken and at what time to take them. Not everyone can understand this gifted wisdom. DO NOT become the instrument of shaitan to create fitnah and fasad by objecting on issues which have no or little meaning compared to the duty involved. Allah will NOT show mercy to anyone who tries to distract the Ummah from real issues.

Allah is Samad, indifferent to the entire cosmos, beyniaz ! He does NOT need us. We NEED HIM. If you do not behave, you will be a true loser in dunya and akhira. DO NOT try to be pious when in reality you are not. We are all humble people, have made mistakes, commit sins and are totally dependent upon the mercy of Allah (swt) for our maghfirat. Worry about yourself and the duty you are doing. DO NOT waste everyone else’s time by raising issues which are either lies or which mean nothing compared to the crisis we have at hand.

Anyone fighting aganst Takmeel Misison or disturbing the direction of the mission would be serving as the agent of Shaitan. Be very careful. Very careful indeed.

May Allah protect you all from the Waswasa of shaitan and becoming his instrument of sharr ! ameen

Jazak Allah to all of you.

Khair inshAllah !


Reporting on duty Ya Sayyadi Ya Rasul Allah !!!

Reporting on duty Ya Sayyadi Ya Rasul Allah !!!

This is our duty, our destiny, our fate, our honor, our future – the Nizam of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) established on the land which belongs to Allah and His Rasul (sm).

Alhamdolillah, the homework is done, vision is defined, policies are clarified, currency is ready, land is gifted – now we wait for the Hukm of Allah (swt) to implement. InshAllah, as He wills.

We surrender ourselves to our Sayyadi (sm) for a life of honor and a death of dignity – Hayat e Tayyaba, Rizq e Kareem and Husne Khatima -- and perpetual closeness to Sayyadi (sm) forever and ever.

There is no life more beautiful than this, no death more glorified !!

Labbaik Ya Rasul Allah !

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Syed Zaid Hamid - Pakistan’s Foreign Policy

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.
May 22, 2013

This program exposed the non-existent national policies of the PML(N) govt. A disaster is in the making as NS grapples with a hopeless situation to start with. They do not have the vision, courage or the capacity to deal with this crisis. Have a look. PML(N) policies exposed big time as we blast their confused vision.

Syed Zaid Hamid - Pakistan’s Foreign Policy - 22 May 2013

Syed Zaid Hamid Sahab on Failure of Elections and its Solution

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.
May 22, 2013

This is our brief and informal discussion with some guests on elections, democracy, future of Pakistan and the destiny of this millat. InshAllah, there is khair for Pakistan but the nation will now be tested. When nations choose to do collective blunders, then this happens what we see in Pakistan today.

Now you will be tested if you are really a shaheen of Rasul Allah (sm) on mission Takmeel e Pakistan or with the forces of Dajjal.

The time has come ! Allahu Akbar ! Now you will be tested if you are really a shaheen of Rasul Allah (sm) on mission Takmeel e Pakistan or with the forces of Dajjal. There are NO neutrals now.

remember this. If you cannot help, DO NOT create problems or raise stupid objections. Understand the magnanimity of the mission. This is the greatest Muslims response to Dajjal Banking system in the last 100 years and some of you are behaving like total idiots. We will block all such fools. No mercy now. we are at war with Riba.

Each Gold Dinar is weighted at 4.25 gm of 22 karat gold, which is almost equal to Rs: 20,000 today. There are different coins of Dinars in 1 dinar, 2 Dinar, 3 Dinar etc.....

Each Dirham is 3 gm of pure silver and cost around Rs: 500 today. Almost 40 Dirhams make a Dinar. There are various types of Drihams also. 1 dirham, 2, 3, 5, 10 dirham coins for various levels of trading. Less than 500 rupees trading can be done in other coins like we use today in Pakistan or make smaller than 1 dirham coins. That is a small issue.

In the world, Muslims are using them as currency at various communities already. It is already a developed and practiced concept but the media and the Zionists banking system will never report this or support this. Muslims are using them to save as investment instead of paper currency. People are paying Zakat in them as sharia demands Zakat to be paid in real wealth only. Zakat in paper currency was never allowed during Khilafat.

InshAllah, soon, these will be available in Pakistan also and we will link up with Muslim communities globally as part of larger Ummah. This is our economic model. We can do it on a small scale now but the model is ready and all homework has been done. This is practical work of Mission Takmeel e Pakistan. Alhamdolillah !!

No sin is greater than dealing in Riba!!

Also, remember this clearly.

Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) has declared war against Riba and all its instruments - from paper currency to banks. Any one trying to block the creation of Khilafat currency of Gold and Silver Dinar would be at war with Allah and Rasul Allah (sm). Never forget this.

The bankers have bought off many Ulamas who give fatwas and create fitnahs to confuse the people on Riba so that real wealth based Islamic model cannot created. These Mullahs have made Riba Halal, made paper currency Halal, made "Islamic" banking Halal" and now would create more fitnah what why we write Kalima on coins.

No sin is greater than dealing in Riba!! Fight riba first. everything else comes later. DO NOT be fools to fight on petty things while Riba and paper currency remains strong. Beware of Mullahs who create fitnahs.

InshAllah, soon, this real currency would be available in Pakistan too. people can start to use it without any legal problems to save, give zakat or even trade. This is the beginning of the system of Khilafat e Rashida. This is the mission Takmeel e Pakistan.

InshAllah, there would be special coins made for Pakistan. Right now, we will be using the coins made in Malaysia InshAllah.

Let us clarify certain confusions about Islamic Gold and Silver coins.

Let us clarify certain confusions about Islamic Gold and Silver coins.
These coins are already in circulation in various parts of the world where Muslims use them to pay Zakat, save or trade and thus bypass the Banking system and currency controls. The state of Kalantan in Malaysia use these as standard currency where even the salaries are paid in Gold and silver coins.

In 1400 years of Muslim history, all coins had Quranic verses on them. First Islamic coins were minted in the time of Ummayad Caliph and they had Kalima on them. Since then, every Muslim dynasty, Abbasid, Usmani or Mughals had Islamic / Quranic writings on coins. All Islamic scholars in 1400 years have allowed this.

During the times of Khilafat e Rashida, Muslims used gold and silver coins of Persoan and Byzantine empires and did not mint own gold coins. It was done later during Ummayads, whose picture we have given below.

InshAllah, soon, these coins will be officially introduced in Pakistan also for Muslims to use for paying Zakat, save and trade. This is the real and truly Halal Islamic currency, the currency of Khilafat !!


Gold coin of Ummayad Caliph Abd al-Malik
Probably made in Syria, AH 77 / AD 696-7

This is the first issue of coins struck by the Umayyad caliph Abd al-Malik (reigned AD 685-706) as part of his revolutionary reform of the Islamic coinage in AD 696-7. The reform involved substituting any images on the coins for writing. It was principally done because of the unease felt by Muslim clerics against the portrayal of images. From this time inscriptions predominate on Islamic coins, although there are some exceptions.

The inscriptions, which do not include the name of the caliph or the mint, state the essence of the Muslim message in Arabic, the Islamic profession of faith, the shahada. The inscriptions are in the angular Kufic script.

Along with the new design came a new weight standard. The Byzantine standard of 4.55 g, which had been previously used, was adjusted to 4.25 g, a weight also known as the mithqal.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Welcome to the most profound human response to the modern economic slavery !

Let us give you a stunning surprise !! Alhamdolillah.

We present you the currency of the Khilafat e Rashida !!

Welcome to the most profound human response to the modern economic slavery !

The most powerful Muslim response to the Kufr system is to hit at the very heart of it – the paper currency. Every other system of Riba based economic slavery of humanity originates from paper currency.

Alhamdolillah, Muslim groups all over the world have ignited a passionate movement to bring back the real wealth based economic model based on Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham – welcome to the currency of the future, with zero inflation, infinite freedom, independent of time, space, geography, central banks or state controls.

Alhamdolillah, Pakistan has joined this movement as well and now will be spearheading this Jihad in the Muslim Ummah, with the help and assistance of Muslims globally, InshAllah. You have been educated thoroughly in our series Economic Terrorism, now is the time to launch the Shariat Compliant currency of the future for salaries, trade, savings, Zakat and business.

Wait for more updates, InshAllah !

Column on Zaid Hamid by poet and journalist Farhat Shah

A very interesting column by poet and journalist Farhat Shah alhamdolillah !!!
ماروی سرمد کی خفیہ داڑھی اور مولونا محمد نواز کی پوشیدہ بندیا

فیسبک کالم ؛ فرحت عباس شاہ

پاکستان کی سیاسی تقدیر کو بین الاقوامی معاشی مقابلے بازی سے علیحدہ کرکے دیکھنے والے حقیقت تک پہنچنے سے رہ جاتے ھیں۔ کوئی ایک بدنصیبی تھوڑی ہے، پچھلے 50 سالوں سے پاکستان پر قابض گروہوں کے ذاتی اثاثے پاکستان کی ریاست کے اثاثوں سے کئی گُنا بڑھ چکے ھیں لیکن پاکستانی قوم کی ایک بڑی تعداد ابھی تک اس سچائی کو تسلیم کرنے پر تیار نہیں۔ جن لوگوں نے رائے عامہ ھموار کرنی تھی انہوں نے اپنی قیمتیں وصول کر لیں۔ امتیاز عالم اور ماروی سرمد جیسے دانشور غیر ملکی سرمائے سے پاکستانی میڈیا انفلوئنس کی سیل پرچیز پر لگے ہوئے ہوں اور غیر ملکی پیسے سے سرگرم عمل این جی اوز مسلسل معاشرتی ابہام پیدا کرنے مین لگی ہوئی ہوں تو تو سچ اور جھوٹ کا اندازہ کہاں سے ھوگا۔

میں نے کچھ سال پہلے ایک نئےآدمی کو مختلف ٹی وی چینلز پر نئی باتیں کرتےسُنا ۔ وہ ایک نہایت پُرجوش اور منطقی انداز سے دنیا بھر میں فساد برپا کرنے والی قوتوں کو بے نقاب کرتا نظر آیا۔ میری پچاس سالہ طبعی زندگی اور پینتیس سالہ ادبی و صحافتی زندگی میں ، میں نے پہلی دفعہ کسی کو اس بے باکی، دانائی اور علم کیساتھ بین الاقوامی سازشوں کو آشکار کرتے دیکھا۔ انسانیت دشمنی سے لیکر تاریخی بد بختیوں کے تانوں بانوں کی تار پود کو ادھیڑتا یہ درویش سید زید زمان حامد تھا۔ پہلا تا ئثر جو اسے سن کے میرے اندر پیدا ہوا وہ یہ تھا کہ یہ جس دلیری سے بین الاقوامی ظالموں کو للکار رہا ہے اب دیکھیں اس پر جوابی حملہ کس سمت سے ہوتا ہے۔ پھر میں نے اس پر پہلا حملہ سیفما کی ماروی سرمد کی طرف سے ہوتا دیکھا۔ سیفما کے بارے میں میں نے لاہور کے بہت سےصحافیوں سے سن رکھا ہے کہ اس کے پاس اربوں روپئے کے فنڈز ھیں اور زیادہ تر یہ ادارہ سامراجی فساد سازوں اور ھندوستانی سازشی عناصر کی زبان بولتا نظر آتا ہے ۔ کسی زمانے میں سوشل ازم کا دم بھرنے والے امتیاز عالم اس ادارے کے کرتا دھرتا ہیں جو اب لبرلازم کا ئلم اٹھائے نظر آتے ہیں اور پاکستان میں نظریاتی بگاڑ پیدا کرنے کی زمہ داری کے عوض مختلف غیر ملکی اداروں سے کروڑوں روپئے حاصل کرتے ہیں ۔ پھر میں نے زید حامد پر دوسرا حملہ مجلس ختم نبوت کی طرف سے ہوتا ہوا دیکھا جن کی کوشش تھی کہ کسی طرح اسے پیغمبری کا یا امام مہدی ھونے کا دعویٰ کرنے والا ثابت کرکے واجب القتل قرار دے دیا جائے۔ زید حامد پر یہ دو ظرفہ حملہ دیکھ کر مجھے ماروی سرمد کے خوبصورت چہرے پر ایک مہندی لگی لمبی سی داڑھی اگتی نظر آئی اور مولانا صاحب کے ماتھے پر لگی خفیہ تلک یا بندیا صاف دکھائی دینے لگی اور میری زبان پر ایک مشہور زمانہ شعر چُرمُرا کر رہ گیا کہ ۔ ۔ ۔
ایک ہی صف میں کھڑے ھوگئے مولانا اور امتیاز ۔۔۔نہ کوئی سرمد ماروی رہی اور نہ کوئی مولانا محمد نواز

پھر مجھے معروف سوشلسٹ دانشور اور لیڈر ڈاکٹر لال خان اور دنیا ٹی وی کے تجزیہ نگار سعید قاضی دونوں کا سیاسی تناظر یاد یاد آیا جس کے مطابق دنیا میں معاشی بربریت کرنے والے ایک طرف سے مذہبی انتہا پسندوں کے ہتھیار سے تو دوسری طرف سے نام نہاد لبرل ازم کی علمردار کرائے کی این جی اوز کے زریعے دنیا کو اپنے خونی شکنجوں میں لیے ہوئے ہیں۔

زید حامد پر تیسرا حملہ مسٹر مولانا آصف علی زرداری کے ٹی چینل کیپیٹل ٹی وی کی طرف سے ھوا اور چوتھا کسی فوجی ادارے کی طرف سے۔ انسانیت ، اسلام اور پاکستانیت کا دم بھرنے والے ایک سچے آدمی پر چاروں طرف سے حملہ آور ہونے والے مافیا نے آخری وار میڈیا کو زید حامد کی ٹاک شوز میں شمولیت سے روک کے کر دیا۔

سمجھدار لوگ کہتے ہیں کہ عمران خان کو امریکہ کے خلاف کھلے بیانات نہیں دینے چاہیے تھے۔ سرمایہ داری نظام اور امریکہ کے خلاف بات کرکے کوئی موت یا زندگی بھر کی ناکامی سے کیسے بچ سکتا ہے۔ اس بات کا علم شاید زید حامد کو بھی ہے ، اسی لیے تو وہ کہتا ہے کہ میری منزل یا تو خلافت راشدہ کے نظام عدل کا نفاذ ہے یا پھر شہادت۔ جب کہ امتیازعالم ، ماروی سرمد اور مولانا محمد نواز دونوں نے لگتا ہے ایسے ہر آدمی کو جو دنیا پر معاشی تسلط قائم رکھنے والے بھیڑیوں کے خلاف آواز اُٹھاتا ہو کو جھوٹا اورپاگل قرار دینے یا گستاخ رسول قرار دے کے مار دینے کے پیسے پکڑے ہوئے ھیں۔

ان حالات میں اگر کوئی پاکستان کی معاشی و سماجی آزادی کے خواب دیکھتا ہے تو دیوانہ ہی ہے چاہے وہ عمران خان ہو یا نواز شریف

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Pakistan we want to create. Dream, desire, pray and prepare for it !

The Pakistan that we want to create is so spiritual, so modern, so technologically in harmony with cosmos, so balanced that these sick mentally retarded politicians cannot even dream of that truth. They are petty thieves whose promises, ideals, goals and ambitions do not extend beyond selfish petty interests of wealth, power and status.

InshAllah, we WILL make this spiritual Pakistan. Dream for it, desire it, pray for it, prepare for it and then strive for it. By Allah, He will bless you this khair only if you demand it and are worthy of it. This is Mission Takmeel e Pakistan

Sunday, May 19, 2013

These elections have been the biggest fraud with the nation.

These elections have been the biggest fraud with the nation. Accepting their results would be even a bigger one. There are places in Baluchistan where a person has bagged only 577 votes and have become an provincial assembly member!!! Every party is now refusing to accept the results in one form or another. In Karachi it has become really ugly indeed. Assassinations and now national protests are triggered.

And you do not see the CJ anywhere now !!! He has done his job.

Now ask yourself. Have these elections brought more fasad and chaos or stability in the country ? The nation knows the reality and the are speaking out too. We reject these elections and demand a patriotic civilian caretaker government. Else, this anarchy would continue as the thieves, corrupt and the rapists have come back to power. Innalillahe Inna ilehe rajeoon !

Photo: These elections have been the biggest fraud with the nation. Accepting their results would be even a bigger one. There are places in Baluchistan where a person has bagged only 577 votes and have become an provincial assembly member!!! Every party is now refusing to accept the results in one form or another. In Karachi it has become really ugly indeed. Assassinations and now national protests are triggered. 

And you do not see the CJ anywhere now !!! He has done his job. 

Now ask yourself. Have these elections brought more fasad and chaos or stability in the country ? The nation knows the reality and the are speaking out too. We reject these elections and demand a patriotic civilian caretaker government. Else, this anarchy would continue as the thieves, corrupt and the rapists have come back to power. Innalillahe Inna ilehe rajeoon !

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Our mission and its membership‏

We get hundreds of emails and queries weekly from Children and youth who say that they want to be members of Mission Takmeel and join BrassTacks team. Here is our reply to them all.

Mission Takmeel is an ideological and spiritual movement and every Pakistani is a member of it when you share this passion, love and loyalty to this Medina e Sani. When you join our page, spread our message and live the life of dignity for this sacred cause, you are part of us. We do NOT have written membership forms.

You can also visit our website and also join our BT volunteer mailing group where we share material, emails, discussions and ideas.

You can come and meet us in our office in Pindi and work more closely with the team. Then you can possibly join more closer team mailing group of BT core members.

Some of the finest members we have in the world are those whom I have never met in my life and they stay in touch through emails, sms or FB but our bonds of love and adab are most strong and sincere, MashAllah.

So, be happy when you are on this page. You are part of BrassTacks and mission Takmeel
Our ideology is Islam, our identity is Pakistan and our mission is Takmeel e Pakistan, alhamdolillah ! Blessed are those who rise above all sectarian, ethnic, linguistic and provincial divisions to live this life of dignity and honor.

Jazak Allah to all of you.


The system is collapsing-- Prepare for the next level of duty

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]

May 18, 2013

This democracy has now crashed as well. Election has spread more confusion, anarchy and destabilization and now even if they are able to make a government, it would be as most unstable.

So what are the options now?? You cannot have another elections. Martial law is not an option. The nation has been fully and totally betrayed by the Azaad Adlia, Supreme court, Election Commission and the political parties. Army remained indifferent to the politics, allowing the politicians and the judiciary to make a mess of it.

Now the only option this nation has is to revert back to the model of Khilafat e Rashida. To achieve this objective, there are 3 steps.

1. Educate yourself.
2. demand this model and fight for it.
3. Create enough supporters within the society that they agree to create a patriotic caretaker government which starts to implement what we have written for Mission Takmeel e Pakistan.

The system is collapsing anyways. We don't have to destroy it now. It is already committing suicide with its own dagger. Just prepare yourself for the next level of duty. Read this book and arm yourself with knowledge. This is the Pakistan we will make inshAllah !!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Alhamdolillah, our Urdu book Khilafat e Rashida is now printed also and available !

Alhamdolillah, our Urdu book Khilafat e Rashida is now printed also and available at BrassTacks office in Pindi.

The entire plan, strategy, vision and way forward for creating an Islamic welfare state based on Khilafate Rashida has been discussed in depth. All your questions about political, judicial and economic models of an Islamic state are answered, alhamdolillah.

This is the book you must read in detail and ponder deep. It is time that you start to know your own destiny instead of following the Kufr democracy and Capitalism.

In Pindi, the book is available from BrassTacks office. Please call Shami or Saeed at 051-5598046,7 to book your order.

Price is Rs: 600/= including the postage/tcs cost. We are only distributing within Pakistan only. Those outside the country can use our free PDF uploaded on our site.

InshAllah, this book will become a beacon for creating the new Islamic order in the country and in the Ummah !

Thursday, May 16, 2013

This is time for serious pondering and inner reflection. What went wrong???

This is time for serious pondering and inner reflection. What went wrong???

Dont you note that we continue to get into the spiral of chaos and instability despite trying everything under the western system of politics and economy? We are ashamed of being Muslims, Quran is not our reference, we seek economic salvation in Capitalism, we seek political stability in democracy, we seek morality in wild Consumerism, we seek inner peace in secular materialism and we seek unity in divisive provincialism and regionalism. We seek Imaan in Kufr, faith in atheism and love in jealousy.

It is time to stop !! think hard, re-adjust priorities and then move forward.... Right now, we are heading for a disaster and the leaders, scholars and the thinkers cannot see...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Momin never compromises on his dignity, honor and faith. !

Before the elections, we had advised you that they are only giving you 3 choices:

1. Pig meat.
2. Dog meat.
3. Dead chicken.

We wanted our nation to stay away from all 3, as they are Haram. A Momin never compromises on his dignity, honor and faith.

It is NOT a question to chose between more haram and less haram. The nation or the leaders who make a dignified stand for their faith create history.

Those who constantly make compromises end up as we are now suffering after the elections. The nation ate all -- pig, dog and dead chicken..!

Remember what Baba Iqbal had said

" It is preferable to accept death than to eat the rizq which clips your wings for a spiritual flight" !

How could this nation forget this ?? How could they???

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Every Pakistani must hear these golden words of Quaid.

 May 14, 2013
Every Pakistani must hear these golden words of Quaid. 65 years ago, he warned us of these divisions on provincial, ethnic, political lines.

Today, we have gone so low from the Islamic and national spirit that we are brutally being divided on lowest of differences, even down the parties ! This is NOT how nations are created or survive. Hear these words -- your heart with bleed tears of blood.

We made this Pakistan with such sacrifice and today..... ??

We have got to wake up NOW.
From Jinnah to Quaid e Azam (With English Subtitles)

Going into elections was a mistake to start with. This is what we had warned about !

It is a systematic fraud, failure and mistakes.

Going into elections which have already been fixed at international and local levels was a mistake to start with.

Then the judiciary and ECP brutally violated the Constitution's article 62,63 and allowed all the fraudsters, traitors and corrupt to contest, allowing them to rig as well. The result was the most brutally rigged elections in Pakistan's history.

Then the law and order was not controlled, resulting in over 300 deaths, 1200 wounded and hundreds of incidents of blasts, attacks and clashes.

Then on election day, massive rigging by local parties, totally defrauding the young voters, mostly from the PTI.

Now, post election, none of the losing party is accepting the results in all provinces. When ECP is holding re-election in Karachi, MQM is offering resistance and it may get very messy on 19th. In NWFP, now even the JUI have refused to accept the mandate of PTI and would be resisting.

When parties fight in the provinces, would they be sitting together in the National assembly peacefully ??? No possibility.

Now think about it. Have these elections brought political, provincial and national harmony or have they divided the nation brutally on regional, ethnic and political lines ???? Have we gained or have we lost as a nation ????

This is what we had warned. Clean the system first through a patriotic caretaker government, improve the law and order, apply article 62,63, change the system and then go for the political process.

Now the nation pays for the collective stupidity of the elders and still refuse to listen, see or act.

Next few days would be messy. But DO NOT panic. stay firm and stand united and do NOT let anyone divide this nation into provincial, ethnic, regional or religious lines.

InshAllah Khair. We have made mistakes and now we have to do damage control. We still say, these elections have gone waste. There is no khair in these. Now wait for Allah's judgement to unfold.

We had foretold the exact scenario of toda back in March

In march, we had written the following tweets and foretold the exact scenario that you see today. The elections was a fraud -- the deal was already signed between NS and world players. But PTI was gaining more ground than what PML(N) wanted. There is NO doubt that PTI has been robbed of at least 10 to 15 more seats in Urban Punjab and Karachi through fraud and rigging. Now is the test of character of PTI -- whether they accept this rigging or make a stand.

So much power in the hands of PMl(N) is dangerous. US had given them 3 conditions which NS would aggressively apply. You will see them very soon.

1. Stabilize the country so that NATO/US can exit their military through Pakistan.

2. Improve relations with India to remove all borders between Pakistan and India, dilute the ideology and compromise on Kashmir.

3. Reduce the power, influence and clout of Pakistan army and ISI into the country to reduce it to a glorified police force only.

Even TTP will reduce their attacks in the country during NS period as now the political government will start to do what the US and India tells them to do.

Pakistan army has still maintained the policy of staying away from the politics and have NOT rigged or orchestrated the results at all. Even in the US-NS deal, army simply decided to remain aloof from the politics and decided not to interfere in the elections and respect the mandate. They are NOT part of the deal to bring NS or block IK. army knows that NS wants to take revenge from army.

Read below and know that the results of the elections were decided way back in 2012, months before the elections. rest was just an eyewash.

This is my letter to George Galloway.

This is my letter to George Galloway.


My dear George,

Greetings and respects.

Let me introduce myself. I am Zaid Hamid, a security and defense analyst based in Pakistan. You can further know about mission, vision and duty on our website

We in Pakistan, take you as a friend and it is under this confidence that I write to you today.

Pakistan is undergoing the same pain which the greater middle East is going through today. From Afghanistan to Syria to Libya, the Muslim world is on fire under this new “reshaping of the greater middle east” doctrine of the US administration. These new 4th Generation wars require the use of terrorists gangs, insurgent groups, urban warriors and violent non-state actors to destabilize a nation to “soften” it up for either making it into a “Somalia”, or “Iraq” or “Yugoslavia” -- a failed state, an occupied state or a dismembered state !!!

In Karachi, where you are so fondly remembered and loved, a terrorist urban Mafia is acting as the vanguards to destabilize Pakistan. In the last 20 years, almost a 100,000 Pakistanis have either died or wounded in an ferocious urban war orchestrated by these terrorists whose head is a Mafia lord, terrorist and an assassin based in London, holding a British nationality. His gangs have kept the people of Karachi as hostages for the last 20 years now and the bloodshed continues. Now the people of Pakistan have had enough.

We seek your support in persecuting this terrorist. You know him very well and have spoken against him. He sits in the safe haven of London, protected by the British government and perhaps MI6 also. It is hopeless to expect from our own toady government to raise the issue with the British government. The people who believe in justice, dignity, human values and honor for human life will have to take it upon themselves to carry this sacred mission home.

We are counting on you in UK to take this issue to the court. It must go to a crown court for justice.

Your friends here expect this from you. We don’t knight a person in this part of the world for great service but we offer much more in many other ways. Love is just one of those.

Stay blessed and God speed.

Zaid Hamid

Monday, May 13, 2013

From a Namaloom Khatoon -- a brilliant responce to Altaf Hussian‏

May 13, 2013
This is a brilliant letter from a Karachi girl to Altaf Hussian. This is the spirit we need to liberate ourselves from these killers. Read on and share it and make your stand. Already, the snake is on the defensive. Increase the pressure. There will be re-elections in Karachi soon. If we increase the pressure on this snake, at least lots of lives of patriotic Pakistanis would be saved. It is time to nail this frog.


Dear Altaf Bhai,

This is in reference to your threats last night. I hope you don't take any of this seriously, just like we never take any of what you say too seriously either.

First of all, no matter what your drug/alcohol induced stupor makes you believe, you are not God. You are insignificant just like an insect, with your face plastered across every inch of the city's streets. Sadly, Mortein doesn't make a product that kills you.
Secondly, this is not YOUR city. This is OUR city. Who are you to suggest that Karachi should be separated from Pakistan? The last time we allowed a Britisher to demarcate our country, it was in 1947 after which we asked your red-passport brothers and sisters to get off our land and out of our lives.

Thirdly, politics is politics. Terrorism is terrorism. Call it what it is. You are not a political leader. You are a terrorist running a terrorist organization. You give death threats on public television, you give ultimatums to innocent civilians exercising their rights of a peaceful protest, and then you say you're a political leader. I don't know what you're on these days sir, but I suggest you get yourself checked. I think you're having an identity crisis.

Fourthly, I don't know which city you say you and your band of terrorists represent but it surely isn't Karachi. As for the people you say you fight for - the Mohajirs, the Urdu speaking men and women who lost everything when they migrated to this great land - not even one of them in his/her right mind would identify with you. I am a Mohajir and my family migrated from India. For years we've been told that to protect ourselves, we must support you and your band of terrorists. Today, it ends.

Lastly and most importantly - we all know you suffer from Alzheimer's, you delusional lunatic. But this isn't the 80s anymore when you put guns in the hands of young men and introduced militancy in your politics telling them that they needed to protect themselves from some sort of ethnic cleansing. Pakistan has moved on. And the only reason why you and your party maintain your stance on this ethnic divide is because without it, you have nothing to compete on.

We aren't as divided as your politics suggest - we united in 1947 and it's people like you who have been working to divide us since then. As I said earlier, check the color of your passport. It all makes sense now, you pseudo colonialist scum.


Na Maloom Khatoon

Sign this petition and spread the word !

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.
May 13, 2013

This is a petition created by a group of Patriotic Pakistanis. Sign it and spread. Fight back and reclaim Karachi. It is time.

Write / Call George Galloway in London. He is raisin the voice

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.
May 13, 2013

Write / Call George Galloway in London. He is speaking against terrorism of that snake Altaf. Galloway is a good human being and a friend of many Pakistanis. He is raising the voice. flood him with appeals to raise the issue further and strongly.

Pakistan is our land. A British citizen orchestrating terrorism will pay dearly InshAllah. Already Altaf is on the defensive. Increase the pressure.

Contact George and Respect
General Enquiries: 020 7219 6940 or 020 7219 7765 or 07889 726777
Press enquiries: 07980 675998
Email: or
Write to George Galloway MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA.

For constituency enquiries: 07902 312 641
For emergencies: 07889 726777

Contact the Respect Party

You can write to Respect at the following address: Respect, PO Box 167, Manchester, M19 0AH.