Wednesday, May 1, 2013

General Kiyani's timely statement‏

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]

May 1, 2013

Today, General Kayani made two extremely important policy statements. We are glad that he did.

1. Pak army will support the election process and will not try to block any democratic process.

2. The terrorism in Pakistan has two dimension -- Internal terrorists are supported by foreign powers.

Now the political parties cannot blame army for blocking the democracy. All blame for creating the mess now rests of the CJ, ECP and the political parties. We will hold them responsible if any harm come to Pakistan through these fraud elections. Note this clearly.

Secondly, it is now official that Pakistan is facing an urban war backed by foreign powers, read CIA and RAW. Even Chuck Hagel have said that India is sending in terrorists into Pakistan. CIA is waging a drone war as well as many more Raymond Davises against Pakistan.

When we had warned that these elections would be bloody and unfair, unrepresentative and chaotic, everyone rejected our advice. Today, every political party, especially those in Frontier, Baluchistan and Sindh are crying hoarse due to terrorism and demanding army to take over their cities to protect them.

Why bark now ???? You wanted elections, you are getting them. Be happy.....

MQM already gave a veiled threat that they will not accept the results and would try to separate from Pakistan. Rehman Malik also barked today that enemies are trying to break off Baluchistan.

When these parties were in power, they allowed the enemies to destroy Pakistan. Now they are tasting their own medicines so they are threatening to break away from Pakistan.

This is the so called "democracy" we had warned you about.

PML(N) and PTI are fighting like cats and dogs in Punjab, without caring what is happening in rest of the country. This is not just shameless, this is outright dangerous.

With only 10 days to elections, there is still doubt, chaos and violence. Now they cannot blame army.

The only solution is that army brings a civilian, patriotic caretaker government for 3 years!!! Everyone trusts army today to save their lives. We trust our army to save the country too. patriotic civilian caretakers should clean this terrorism and corruption and rebuild this nation on the model of Khilafat e Rashida. If you have any better solution, then present it, else shut up.

Those demanding elections are harming the country now and we will hold them responsible. That is a promise. Patriots are in Jalal now.


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