Wednesday, May 22, 2013

No sin is greater than dealing in Riba!!

Also, remember this clearly.

Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) has declared war against Riba and all its instruments - from paper currency to banks. Any one trying to block the creation of Khilafat currency of Gold and Silver Dinar would be at war with Allah and Rasul Allah (sm). Never forget this.

The bankers have bought off many Ulamas who give fatwas and create fitnahs to confuse the people on Riba so that real wealth based Islamic model cannot created. These Mullahs have made Riba Halal, made paper currency Halal, made "Islamic" banking Halal" and now would create more fitnah what why we write Kalima on coins.

No sin is greater than dealing in Riba!! Fight riba first. everything else comes later. DO NOT be fools to fight on petty things while Riba and paper currency remains strong. Beware of Mullahs who create fitnahs.

InshAllah, soon, this real currency would be available in Pakistan too. people can start to use it without any legal problems to save, give zakat or even trade. This is the beginning of the system of Khilafat e Rashida. This is the mission Takmeel e Pakistan.

InshAllah, there would be special coins made for Pakistan. Right now, we will be using the coins made in Malaysia InshAllah.

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