Wednesday, May 8, 2013

To all youth who are PTI followers.

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]

May 8, 2013

To all youth who are PTI followers.

Children, I am not in competition with you or with IK. We have a separate duty to defend Pakistan, its ideology, Iqbal and Pakistan's physical and ideological borders. We have our own mission Takmeel e Pakistan and we have our own strategy - whether you understand it or not.

We are against the entire process of elections, more so in these times of war. We strongly oppose agenda and policies of all parties including PTI, PML(N) and PPP.

All of you who are insisting upon elections are harming Pakistan and you are so naive that you cannot see this. Pakistan is at stake and all political leaders are blind not to see the crisis at hand. You are truly mistaken to believe that you can change Pakistan through these sham elections and secular policies of political parties.

DO NOT argue with us now. You will see very soon. May 11th is not that far. InshAllah, Allah will show you what you don't want to see.

Today, you are gustakh and beyadab. But you are all our children and we still love you. You are patriotic and want to grab to anything that comes your way to improve this Pak Sarzameen, even if it is a fake straw. Khair inshAllah. Lets wait till 11th.

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