Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We had foretold the exact scenario of toda back in March

In march, we had written the following tweets and foretold the exact scenario that you see today. The elections was a fraud -- the deal was already signed between NS and world players. But PTI was gaining more ground than what PML(N) wanted. There is NO doubt that PTI has been robbed of at least 10 to 15 more seats in Urban Punjab and Karachi through fraud and rigging. Now is the test of character of PTI -- whether they accept this rigging or make a stand.

So much power in the hands of PMl(N) is dangerous. US had given them 3 conditions which NS would aggressively apply. You will see them very soon.

1. Stabilize the country so that NATO/US can exit their military through Pakistan.

2. Improve relations with India to remove all borders between Pakistan and India, dilute the ideology and compromise on Kashmir.

3. Reduce the power, influence and clout of Pakistan army and ISI into the country to reduce it to a glorified police force only.

Even TTP will reduce their attacks in the country during NS period as now the political government will start to do what the US and India tells them to do.

Pakistan army has still maintained the policy of staying away from the politics and have NOT rigged or orchestrated the results at all. Even in the US-NS deal, army simply decided to remain aloof from the politics and decided not to interfere in the elections and respect the mandate. They are NOT part of the deal to bring NS or block IK. army knows that NS wants to take revenge from army.

Read below and know that the results of the elections were decided way back in 2012, months before the elections. rest was just an eyewash.

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