Sunday, May 12, 2013

We had warned of this Bangladesh style anarchy !

We had also warned that these elections would lead towards a crisis like 1971, where democracy, elections and mandate had broken Pakistan !!! Now listen to the threat by that Haramkhor Indian agent Altaf Hussian.... Astaghfurullah ! We knew he would do this.

Now he is threatening to break Karachi away if their rigging is challenged by the establishment, the term he uses for the army/ISI. This is exactly what Mujeeb ur rehman had done in 1971 with his Mukti Banhini gangs.

We have always used the term Mukti Bahini for MQM and today you all heard it why we did that !!!

Now you know why we said that this democracy will harm Pakistan ?? Astaghfurullah.... It is too late now. The leaders, parties, SC, media, ECP, army -- all wanted elections. No body listened to us.

Khair inshAllah. No body can dare to break Pakistan. We patriots will put up a fierce resistance to the Mukti Bahini of today. May Allah's curse be upon those who want to break Pakistan.

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