Saturday, May 11, 2013

What we say will happen, InshAllah - Its time you must trust us seriously !

What next ??? What will happen and what should we do ??

For now, Sabr and let the dust settle down. We will guide you at every step inshAllah.

Our request to PTI youth is -- please listen to us this time. You have made too many mistakes already. All your analysis and assessment have been proven wrong brutally. Now calm down and listen to us. There is khair in what we say, InshAllah.

You must ponder deep on what has happened. Where have you gone wrong? Was that bad strategy ? Was that arrogance that made Allah unhappy? you must search your souls.

It is still a long process to form any government. The law and order crisis is too huge for any new government to tackle. Economic challenges are also huge. DO NOT expect any khair in national situation. Idiots have come in majority and they will only increase the crisis.

Sabr. Great Khair is coming InshAllah. This democracy will now commit suicide with its own dagger InshAllah. You cannot even begin to imagine how the change will come. You have done your part. Now wait and watch.

What we say will happen, InshAllah. If not today, then tomorrow but Allah will never leave this nation in the state it is in today. It is time you start trusting us seriously. Khair inshAllah.

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