Sunday, June 2, 2013

Nawaz Shareef cannot handle the matters in quick time

If Nawaz Shareef cannot handle the following in quick time, the chances are that he will sink faster than he can say cheese. These challenges are already at his hand and he has no clue as to how to address them:

1. The energy and power crisis.

2. Empty coffers of the state.

3. US-AfPak war and Drones against Pakistan.

4. TTP’s war against Pakistan.

5. BLA’s war against Pakistan in Baluchistan.

6. Turf war in Karachi between gangs of various political parties and urban insurgents.

7. Trial of Musharraf.

8. Formation of government in center and provinces.

In the past, Nawaz was sunk because of his congenital arrogance and stupidity and his desire to become a political dictator. He allowed corruption, chose his advisers badly, took on confrontation with the army and the judiciary and enriched himself with massive corruption and financial hemorrhage of the state coffers.

The present challenges demand that he takes the army on board, handle the US war in Afghanistan, recover the looted wealth from the previous regime and behave himself. He may have to let go of his desire to persecute Musharraf else he will draw wrath of the army.

NS is almost going over board to appease and please the BLA separatists just as he was doing with TTP insurgents. Both would be seen as acts of treason against the state. Above all, he will have to deal with a strong and noisy opposition which believes that he has stolen the mandate through orchestrated rigging.

He has not become the PM yet but eyes to do so in a couple of days. One thing is definitely confirmed. This is going to be one hell of a bumpy ride for him, with more than likely that he will crash soon. For now, he is intoxicated in power through scared at the same time.

May Allah save and protect Pakistan from stupid leaders and cunning enemies. Ameen.

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