Saturday, June 15, 2013

Now BLA openly claims war on Pakistan and then also claim judicial immunity

On one hand, BLA is proudly waging a war against Pak Sarzameen and destroying all strategic assets. When the FC and army operate against them, they call it "extra judicial" killing !!! Bloody snakes !!

BLA wants all cases to be brought into the court because the judiciary is loyal and supportive of BLA and is strongly anti-Pakistan, anti army. When BLA wages war, it will be responded by army and FC in the battlefield. Killing of BLA terrorists is NOT extra judicial kiling but killing of enemies in battle zones. This is NOT the domain of judiciary at all.

We have seen what Chief Justice is doing on the case of Akbar Bugti. BLA is using the judicial system with the help of higher judiciary to wage a war against Pakistan and SC is helping them to do so by issuing warrants against Pak army.

It is the same BLA which has destroyed the Ziarat residency of Quaid. The CJ will remain silent as usual. After all, he is a close friend of Akbar Bugti family which is BLA now and their former lawyer as well!! That is why Shahzain Bugti was released without any punishment even when he was caught with hundreds of weapons comming from Afghanistan. Now BLA openly claims war on Pakistan and then also claim judicial immunity, because they have a friend called CJ.

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