Sunday, June 9, 2013

One year ago, on June 9th 2012, BrassTacks team lost Maheen Tirmizi

One year ago, on June 9th 2012, BrassTacks team lost Maheen Tirmizi, our finest sister, daughter and mother as well as one of the strongest fighter for Pakistan on the cyber world. Please recite Fatiha for her. Those of you who remember her, know that Pakistan has lost a true treasure that day.

Last year, we wrote this obituary for her:

Pakistan lost one of its most patriotic daughters today and we lost a precious gem team member whose passion, Ishq and loyalty to Rasul Allah (sm) and Pak Sarzameen was a guiding beacon for thousands of patriots who knew her through her fiery and passionate writings only on our page.

Maheen passed away today in Rawalpindi after fighting a brief illness, leaving behind a legacy which would ignite passion and love for Pak sarzameen for generations to come. Our hearts bleed, our eyes flow but we say shukar and remain razi at the decision of our Rab and we promise to continue the passionate mission for which Maheen was so emotional about. Her two sons, one 7 and other only 15 days old, are not the only ones going to miss her now. Pakistan will miss her so dearly.

Stay blessed . . May Allah be pleased with you. Now rest in Heaven and be sure that your mission will continue with the passion you ignited.

please recite fatiha for Maheen.
(status update: Brass Tacks June 9th 2012)

She rests in the army graveyard Rawalpindi and we promise to continue her misison to defend this Pak sarzameen at all costs, for which she lived and died. Stay blessed Maheen. Missing you dearly today. Take care of Pakistan from the other side. We know shaheeds never die. Love and dua for you always.

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