Thursday, June 13, 2013

Syed Zaid Hamid: Attributes Of the Zionists Mentioned in Quran !!

 June 14, 2013
Years ago, we explained the root cause of fitnah in the world -- Riba and their system run by banks, Zionists and paper currency. Quran has gone in great detail to explain the attributes of Zionist bankers. Quran will give you every word of wisdom you need. Return back to Quran and know the divine will which is unfolding around you now.
Each & Every Muslim Must Know The Answers of the Following Questions..

1. Who is actually responsible for destroy the peace of the world today?

2. What is Riba and why Allah and His beloved Prophet s.a.w.w have declared war against it?

3. What are the attributes of these dirty Zionists which are mentioned in Holy Quran?

4. Why Hazrat Eisa A.S was apparently murdered by the Jews Zionists ?

5. We have declared war against these Jews Zionists, have you ?


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