Monday, June 3, 2013

The 4th Generation war comes to Turkey also !!!

The 4th Generation war comes to Turkey also !!! Astaghfurullah ! Another Muslim land being subjected to anarchy in the greater Middle East. It is said that it is dangerous to be the enemy of United States but it is fatal to be their allies !!

Turkey should have learned from Pakistan. Pakistan supported US in their war against Afghanistan. In return, US destroyed Pakistan.

Turkey supported US in their war against Syria, now the Americans and Israelis are exploiting the anger in the Alawites, seculars, Armenians, liberal media and confused youth to orchestrated another Syria styled fake revolution in Turkey.

Read the banner below. They want schools NOT masjids. They want alcohol not yogurt. This is the secular crowd protesting on the streets against the Islamist Erdogan government.

We Pakistanis offer full and unconditional support to our Turkish brothers and the ruling AK Party and stand with them with all our hearts and soul. Last year, we had visited Turkey and had warned them that this 4thGW is coming their way as well. The ruling party and the Turkish Think tanks found it hard to believe back then. Now they see it with their eyes wide open in horror as the CIA/Mossad unfold their game plan against a rising Muslim nation.

Ya Allah khair. Ya Allah protect our Turkey from the fitnahs of Iblees and Dajjal.

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