Monday, June 10, 2013

We had warned you about the 5th Gen. war in Pakistan-- but the blinds won't see it !

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.
June 10, 2013

When we warned against urban 5th Generation war in Pakistan, especially in Karachi, many naive started to call us conspiracy theorists. This is the problem with idiots. They remain blind to the threats and then destroy the millat in their stupidity.

Now even the western scholars are realizing that the chaos and violence in Karachi is deliberately created. For years, we had been warning that they are turning Karachi into another Bairut. Now the French scholar uses the exact same words. These elections have created a bigger crisis in Karachi. MQM last week said that 1971 type situation is developing. Today, the city is under siege, with massive gang wars eating into the bones of the city. Even right now,hundreds of Rangers are trying to flush out urban terrorists from Liyari. This is called making it Beirut !! Read what happened in Beirut in 1970's. Google it to know. This nation and its idiot rulers have NO idea of the enemy plans.


Karachi turning into a new Beirut, says French political scientist
Khawar Ghumman
ISLAMABAD, Feb 20, 2013:

Political violence, ethnic divide and militant organisations being patronised by political parties is turning Karachi into the new Beirut, according to a visiting French political scientist.

Laurent Gayer, a French political scientist, who is writing a book "Karachi: Ordered Disorder and the Struggle for the City", that will be published by Hurst and Oxford University Press this year, made these observations during a lecture here on Wednesday. The Centre for Research and Security Studies (CRSS) hosted the scholar.

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