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Stay strong and have faith that promises destiny would unfold by your hands.

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July 21, 2013
Dear Children, stay strong and have faith that promises destiny would unfold by your hands. These are most difficult times for the Ummah. We are being destroyed from Central Asia to the deserts of Africa. But such moments have come before as well and Allah has sent his rehmat in the form of Mujahideen who protected and defended this millat. This is your time now. This Pakistan is the last frontier, under attack, led by idiots and traitors. But this is the moment for the brave and the honorable. Be the one nature selects for this duty.
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Hamid Mir: A rose not to be taken

What these traitors do not realzie is that enemies would use them and then dump them like used toilet paper. This is what happned to Hamir Mir Jaffer recently  Read and take Ibrat.

The dogey of the laundry wala... belongs neither to the home nor to the laundry :)) (sorry, English does not have translation of this fine Urdu muhawara for traitors ) 


Hamid Mir: A rose not to be taken

Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir’s recent article in daily Jang, asking for the release of Ghulam Azam, the Bangladesh mastermind of ‘71 war crimes, appeared as a surprise gift for those who witnessed Mir’s photo session in front of Islamabad Press Club demanding Pakistan’s apology for the genocide of 1971.Hamid Mir became a hero in Bangladesh for this photo session and a few reconciliatory articles published in daily Prothom Alo. Mir’s father Waris Mir stood up against the ‘71 killings and was hence humiliated and defamed as a traitor by the then establishment. Recently, Hamid Mir visited Dhaka to receive national recognition on behalf of his father’s heroic role in 71 as a friend of Bangladesh and humanity.

With the help of his father’s credibility and standing Hamid Mir has been portraying himself as a politically correct activist in Bangladesh. However, all it took was an article in favor of Ghulam Azam to expose Hamid’s deceptive agenda.

In his article he has tried to defame the Bangladesh tribunal as being a farce and a mere conduit for political witch hunting. Interestingly, it’s the same line of propaganda used by the lobbyists hired by Jamaat leaders of Bangladesh. Hamid Mir has used the same illogical argument that when Pakistan could not bring to trial the 195 army officers involved in the killings of ’71, what then is the basis if trying their Bangladeshi collaborators! Ironically for Hamid Mir, he defeated his own argument in the article by writing that had the war criminals listed in the Inquiry commission report of 1972 been punished, Pakistan and Bangladesh could have reconciled the tragedy of ‘71. Basically, he accepts that war crimes were committed but doesn’t want the Jamaat perpetrators punished.

To give him credit, Hamid Mir has raised an important point: Awami League won the 1970 national elections with a clean majority and by launching an operation in the then east Pakistan, the Pakistan army committed a crime by violating the rights of the majority and by that reason violated the rules of the state, so why didn’t Pakistan try those involved with an illegitimate army operation against the legitimate majority of the then East Pakistan?

Having raised this question it is now Hamid Mir and his politically correct friends’ responsibility to request the Pakistan Government to seek state apology for ‘71 and to implement the commission report by trying those Pakistanis implicated in the 1972 inquiry commission report.

Bangladesh cannot take responsibility for the failure of Pakistan’s actions. At our end, the youth of Bangladesh voted Awami League into power in 2008 for bringing war criminals to justice. With that mandate Awami League formed this tribunal to try top local collaborators who were involved in the civilian killings of 1971.

My observation so far has been that Hamid Mir writes secular columns in English and reactionary ones in Urdu. He knows well that the ‘burger’ crowds of Pakistan don’t/can’t read Urdu and that’s why they invite him to fashionable human rights rallies, whereas his ‘bun kabab’ fans read only Urdu and consider him an icon of right-wingism. In this manner he gets to swing both ways: by seeking apology for ‘71 in English and in the same breath by seeking pardon for Ghulam Azam’s war crimes in Urdu. This sort of blatant hypocracy earns nothing; it only unmasks the heart of darkness.

Hamid Mir suffers from the dilemma of the contrast between his father’s ideology and of his own. His father’s influence inspired him to become a part of the movement for seeking apology for the 1971 crimes, while his Jamaat ties forced him to call Ghulam Azam a hero. As evident on social media, this dilemma has cost Hamid Mir his young followers in Bangladesh in a matter of minutes.

Bangladeshi thinker Professor Humayun Azad once made a very generic and personal comment that he could not trust a Pakistani, not even one offering him a rose. In my case I would narrow it down to just I would say the same about Hamid Mir.

Arm yourself with knowledge about Mission Takmeel, watch this brief presentation

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July 31, 2013
To arm you with knowledge about Mission Takmeel e Pakistan, this brief presentation is presented, alhamdolillah ! If you agree, join the duty and spread the message. Our duty is to revive the ideology and defend the sacred land - Pak sarzameen, to prepare for the promised destiny. Our battle field is the information warfare platforms and social media. When you join our page or website, you are a soldier and a member of the mission. Now it is up to you how much time, resources and energy you can put it. So, do your best ! Khair inshAllah.

Visit our website for all our security policy papers, media programs, books and updates on the mission and duty.

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July 31, 2013
For all our new and old members, please also visit our website for all our security policy papers, media programs, books and updates on the mission and duty. You should also join our volunteer Google group for daily emails and discussions with like minded friends. Our sisters websites are also listed. The entire spectrum of our operations are clearly defined. It would take you at least 15 days to fully study the site, so spend time carefully and wisely on it. InshAllah, a great resource to wise you up.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

After we raised the alarm just two days back, main media picked up the case as well -- Genetically Modified Crops

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July 31, 2013
Alhamdolillah, our campaign against GM crops has been picked up by the main media, Shukar. Water wars and seed wars are two lethal wars against Pakistan to wage a food genocide plan. After we raised the alarm just two days back, main media picked up the case as well. We as a nation has to rise and face this new axis of threat on our crops and food. India blocking our water, Monsanto controlling our seeds, astaghfurullah !

Genetically Modified Crops

This is a fascinating collection of our programs on various channels on most diversified subjects

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July 30, 2013
For all our old and new members, this is a fascinating collection of our programs on various channels on most diversified subjects -- from national security to Islamic history to philosophy to Iqbal to economics to Quranic studies. Bookmark this page and visit it often. This is the time to gain knowledge, understand the mission, vision and duty and prepare for the times ahead. Right now, you are NOT prepared. Knowledge is your weapon. arm yourself.

Open letter to Iftikhar Chaudrey

Iftikhar Chaudrey sahib,

Today, you sit on a very high pedestal, almost like a god, untouchable, unaccountable, unimpressive !

But let us share with you a painful truth.

On the day of judgment, in front of Allah (swt), in the presence of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), we the Ummah of Rasul Allah (sm) will stand against you with a case of your betrayal of Ummat e Rasul (sm), for protecting the Kufr and dajjali nizam, for defending the Riba, for protecting the traitor media, for not punishing the Khawarij, for harassing the defenders of the millat Pak army, for not doing justice and adal in the society which was your primary duty in dunya. By Allah, you will cut a very sorry and shameful figure that day when only the Hukm of Allah will rule and no one would dare to speak without His permission and you will NOT be the Chief Justice with your insanely arrogant protocol and power over people’s lives and honor that you hold today.

We cannot do anything to you today but you cannot stop our tongues and silent prayers to Allah (swt) for you cannot become a god no matter how godly you behave today. We the Ummah of Rasul Allah (sm) will curse you in dunya and on the last 10 days of Ramazan and on lailatul Qadr. By Allah, we will as you have betrayed Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and this Ummat and Pak sarzameen.

As the millat bleeds and the ummah cries for justice and protection, the arsh of Allah (swt) is shaking but you care not. Khair inshAllah. Allah is enough for this millat e Marhoom, when its Qazi has abandoned them. Just a piece of advice – prepare your answer which you will present to Allah (swt) on the day of judgment and please do not mention the constitution because it won’t matter that day.

May Allah’s curse be upon those who betray Rasul Allah (sm) when given authority in dunya to defend the honor of the Ummah.

An Ummati of Rasul Allah (sm).

When nations wage war with Allah, this is how they are punished and innocents die in the process !

Entire Iraq, Libya and Syria have now been turned into ruined rubble. This is the war which is now heading towards Pakistan unless we wake up NOW. We have been betrayed, just as the Muslims of those countries have been. When the war comes, it would not care about the Constitution, Chief justice, parliament or the free media. Guns only spit fire !

Turkey, Iran and Pakistan are the next 3 remaining as Egypt and Tunis begins to burn…. Still we squabble over petty sectarian divides or political debates.

This is Muqam of Sayyadna Khalid Ibn e Waleed, the Sword of Allah, whose name was enough to give shivers to Kuffar ! Today, this lion sleeps here while the Ummat is humiliated for the sons of the Ummah did not inherit the legacy of this great tiger.

Our faith, our Ummah, our sacred history, Muqams of our elders like this and Bibi Zainab and our entire history is being burnt down one after another we remain stuck in this filthy democracy with this filthier anglo-saxon laws and Riba. When nations wage war with Allah, this is how they are punished and innocents die in the process !

Secular and anti Zaid Hamid, Baba Sattar is also approving and accepting the crimes of Judiciary

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July 30, 2013
Babar Sattar is a staunch secular, democrat and anti-Zaid Hamid :) But here, he is approving and accepting all crimes of judiciary which the patriots have been warning against -- a biased judiciary.

Read this to know what the liberal secular now think of this CJ and his judges. There is NO justice in the country now. NOT even an iota of justice. It has been sold to the highest bidder and that is why all the traitors, terrorists, Khawarij and the enemies feel so secure under the protection of this judiciary. read this and cry on... and promise to set things right through a massive change of system. Now the protectors of anglo-saxon laws cannot complain.


Hubris as justice?


THE Election Commission of Pakistan should not have abdicated responsibility.

It should have definitively fixed a date for the presidential election, passed a reasoned order in response to the PML-N’s application seeking a date change on religious grounds and defended its position in court.

But notwithstanding the ECP’s failings, what the Supreme Court did was inexplicable. As the repository of infallible wisdom it instantly passed an order without even bothering to hear other interested parties. The manner in which the Supreme Court assumed jurisdiction and summarily exercised it highlights the apex court’s mindset under Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry.

The question is not whether the court is pro PML-N, but whether its perception of its own role and jurisdiction is leaving any room for it to function as a neutral arbiter of the law.

Leaving the good aside and at the risk of offending the mighty lords (and one’s livelihood as a lawyer), a few traits are evident in the manner our apex court has conducted itself since Chief Justice Chaudhry’s restoration that raises concerns about the quality of justice being meted out: populism; overt moralism; appropriation of functions of other institutions; and subjectivity injecting lack of consistency in the law being developed.

The populist streak first manifested itself when the Supreme Court suspended the carbon surcharge on petroleum products imposed by the Finance Act, 2009, and has gained momentum since.
Having been restored through a street movement, the Supreme Court leadership seems to view itself as a people’s court in two senses: that it shares representative credentials of an elected government; and that it must satiate public expectations by coming to the rescue of people whenever they feel wronged even if the matter involves non-justiciable political questions.

None of the modern democratic constitutions make the judicial arm of the state directly accountable to the masses.
Given that democracy is run by majority rule, it is the judiciary that acts as a safety valve and guards against tyranny of the majority by upholding fundamental rights even when a transient surge in popular opinion militates against such a role.

A politician might be beholden to popular opinion if lacking in foresight and the ability to build opinion instead of following it. But a judge is required to decide legal questions without taking into account considerations of fear or favour.

Popularity when actively sought is a consideration of favour. Judicial codes of conduct everywhere, including in Pakistan, require judges to eschew publicity and exposure to public. Is there another country in the world where the court dominates daily news feed?
Unfortunately a two-way demand-supply relationship has evolved between our media and the Supreme Court: the court creates news which the media reports prominently every hour and generates more demand for Supreme Court intervention; and the media appeals for the court’s intervention after breaking a scandal which then leads to more suo motus. It’s a vicious cycle. The Supreme Court’s populism seems to go hand-in-hand with moralism. Are courts supposed to be courts of law or enforcers of moral virtue? The question is not whether morality is desirable or not, but whether it is for the court to enforce morality or view itself as a social reformer and cleanser of vice.

Forget the sermons during court hearings that become headlines. Just read judgements from the last four years and you will find them littered with moral lectures that might have little or nothing to do with questions of law that form the subject matter of the case in hand.

This populism and moralism then encourages the court to not worry excessively about restraints embedded in the letter of the law, but focus instead on ‘doing good’. And thus we see exercise of suo motu in a manner that interferes with the role and function of other institutions.

Once the court takes suo motu cognisance of a matter based on press reports, it has already developed a prima facie view that a wrong has been committed that requires court intervention to be set right.

How can the court sit with an open mind and give parties a fair hearing as a neutral arbiter once it has already decided to intervene to correct a perceived wrong on the basis of media reports? What we end up witnessing is simultaneous judicial and media trials. Take the Employees Old-age Benefits Institution (EOBI) scandal.

If you sat in Court 1 during the first hearing, the bench knew from the word go that all involved were guilty and the only question was how they were to be arrested and the loot recovered. What about impartial determination of facts or recording of evidence etc.? Corruption is a cancer that must be removed surgically. But will culpability be determined on the basis of media reports? Defence Housing Authority and EOBI officials might be of the most rotten variety. But isn’t the right to a fair trial a fundamental right of all, including criminals?

Who will uphold it once the Supreme Court wipes out any distinction between the accused and the guilty? Can the Federal Investigation Agency dare furnish a report that refutes conclusions the court has already drawn?

Can a prosecutor refuse to file a case because he believes there isn’t enough evidence? Will a subordinate court grant bail to any accused after a suo motu?

What kind of justice is produced when the Supreme Court becomes investigator, prosecutor and adjudicator all at once? And what about consistency and lack of partiality in applying the law and principles?

If Musharraf is to be tried for high treason, why should judges who abetted him be retired with full pension and benefits? If use of all public funds is to be audited and scrutinised without exception, why is the scrutiny of Supreme Court expenses an exception? Should there be one set of principles for rehiring civil servants and another for rehiring officers that serve in the court registry?

Let us hope that post-December the Supreme Court’s new leadership will review the courts relationship with the media and the bar and rebuild its self-image as a neutral arbiter of the law as opposed to being a dispenser of morality and populism.
The writer is a lawyer.

Under pressure from the patriots, now even the traitor GEO are forced to report against MQM

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July 30, 2013
Under pressure from the patriots, now even the traitor GEO are forced to report against MQM. Listen to this extremely important report totally based on a British paper where all the crimes of British government, MQM and their relations withIndia. MQM terrorists are trained in India to wage violence in Karachi. All this is now exposed fully, documented and aired by the British press themselves. But now, Nawaz Shareef needs the support of MQM for the Presidential elections, hence are protecting these snakes now ! Astaghfurullah !

Now Imran Khan has also abused and attacked the Judiciary and CJ with solid reasons

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July 30, 2013
Now hear IK also. He has fully abused and attacked the Judiciary and CJ here and he has solid reasons to do this. But he must also apologize to the nation for supporting this CJ who has now betrayed the nation. We were the only voice in thecountry at that time which had seen the sinister game behind the lawyers movement and had warned of a larger dirty game but PTI fell for the trap and today is ashamed at their role.

When the government is corrupt, Judiciary is auctioning the justice, media is treacherous and out of control and the Sipah Salaar is silent, then nations suffer as we suffer today.

Solution is NOT another elections but a patriotic technocratic government backed by army. Lets see when IK would understand this. Normally, PTI learns after burning their fingers :)

I am obviously not a Sheikh Rasheed fan but here I must credit him for a very harsh and blunt analysis of Nawaz Shareef regime

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July 30, 2013
I am obviously not a Sheikh Rasheed fan but here I must credit him for a very harsh and blunt analysis of Nawaz Shareef regime and its total collapse in the face of challenges. I agree with this analysis and want to share for the reason that all those who wanted democracy are now answerable for this catastrophic failure of the state organs. In the end, even Sh rasheed calls for a bloody revolution of "any kind" !! Would strongly recommend you all to watch this. Serious and thought provoking and indeed shameful...

We can see a massive circus going on the Supreme Court at the moment.

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]

July 20, 2013

We can see a massive circus going on the Supreme Court at the moment. GEO is desperate to reverse the statement of PEMRA officials given in the Media Commission report. 

Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid and Senator Javed Jabbar were the Media Commision members who had documented those statements by PEMRA against GEO are now in a crisis also.

It is clear that PEMRA team has been purchased, bought and compromised by "someone" and asked to take their statement back which they gave in front of Media Commission.

CJ is seen to be very active insulting the PEMRA for "falsely" accusing GEO  but in reality is still protecting GEO, Hamid Mir and Najam Sethi by not listening to the treason petitions which we have filed with 300 pages of proof and almost 30 hours of TV programs where GEO's treason has been documented. SC does not want to see that evidence but want more "proof" of GEO's foreign funding. Also, the latest leak of MKRF writing a proposal to US state department for a $3 million project to target the judiciary is not mentioned as if it does not exist :))

Hamid Mir Jaffar is challenging everyone to bring proof :)) He feels safe that this CJ will protect him. Let us remind him. Zardari is no more President. His immunity ends tonight. Soon, CJ would also lose his immunity. Then we will come after you, traitor Hamid Mir, GEO and Najam Sethi. All cases that we have filed earlier would be revived inshAllah.. Then even the next CJ wont be able to protect you from the wrath of very angry patriots. Just wait. We are also waiting.

We will deploy the Judiciary against you as per law and Constitution and PEMRA rules. Even that would enough to nail you for good inshAllah.

Monday, July 29, 2013

We have exposed and destroyed the game plan of the enemies. Those who cannot see this, deserve to be humiliated !

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July 29, 2013

Timely warning was given to the nation but the leaders remained deaf, dumb, blind

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July 29, 2013

Mission Pakmeel e Pakistan's fundamental piller is Ghazwa e Hind, NIzam of Khilafat e Rashida and creation of United States of Islam !

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July 29, 2013

This is the path we have chosen for ourselves -- tests of blood, fire, and sword !!

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July 29, 2013

These 3 minutes would either ignite your soul into Ishq e Haqiqi or you will revert back into life of oblivion ! This is the path we have chosen for ourselves -- tests of blood, fire, and sword !!

Allama Iqbal tells us the criteria for being chosen as a soldier of Rasul Allah SAW

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July 29, 2013

To all our members, children and even enemies: 

For the first time, this amazing sublime, mystical force is explained for the youth of Pakistan.

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July 29, 2013

Iqbal's most amazing and spiritual concept is Khudi ! For the first time, this amazing sublime, mystical force is explained for the youth of Pakistan. Our old series, which remains timeless, MashAllah !