Monday, July 15, 2013

2009 and 2013 -- Times of India‏

In 2009, when we blasted the lies of Hindu Zionists, the "Times of India" launched a direct attack on us, taking our name and trying to fight back.

Today, the same "Times of India" is being humiliated and dragged through dirt and filth as it is confirmed that Mumbai was a Hindu Zionist plot and this Faqeer was right !! Alhamdolilah, Allahu Akbar !

Each and every traitor in Pakistani media who sided with the Hindu Zionists in times of war must now be held accountable and hanged !! Starting from Rehman Malik to all the snakes of SAFMA. All those Pakistanis who are arrested by Rehman Malik must now be released with honor. Hindu Zionists stand humiliated !!

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