Thursday, July 11, 2013

BBC2 expose Altaf the snake and MQM big time.

Ramazan Mubarak.

Allah has sent a gift on first Ramazan. BBC2 expose Altaf the snake and MQM big time. The snake is working for British government, under a secret deal, to spy, do espionage and do ground intelligence works for British government and also running a terror and murder as well as money laundering business.

This is not just terrorism, this is outright treason also. Now the British government must answer this to Pakistan. Why are they patronizing a terrorist to wage a war against Pakistan?? If a British citizen can do this terrorism in Pakistan, under direct protection of the British government, then how should be treat the British government and their assets in Pakistan ?? These are acts of war aaginst Pakistan, not just by MQM but by British government also.

Our advice to the British government. Snuff this snake now and apologize to Pakistan. We reserve the right to respond in any way we deem fit. You are equally partners in crime.

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