Thursday, July 11, 2013

I recieved my qualification and education through the trials of blood and sword-- the University was Afghan Jihad: ZH

In 1992, I had completed my Afghan Mission and had begun advising the Pakistani top leadership on the blunders they were making in post Soviet Afghanistan. The blunders made at that time, are costing us heavily today. Every crisis, every scenario of war today was predicted, analyzed and discussed back then. This is a story of betrayal, treachery, heartbreaks and blunders of catastrophic magnitude. All documented and written down for the present and future generations. InshAllah, soon, you will read them in Urdu also. From Indus to Oxus -- travels in the melting pot of history.

Today, people ask me if I have a formal degree in Defense analysis and Security Management. Yes, my university was Afghan Jihad and have received my education through the trials of blood and sword amid millions of dead and displaced people fighting a super power for their freedom. That is my qualification.

That is why my heart bleeds today, when I see the nation and its pygmy leaders making the same blunders over and over again. Ya Allah Khair !!

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