Saturday, July 13, 2013

Note a few things clearly :)

You would note a few things clearly.

They are desperate now and bringing 2 or sometimes 3 liberal terrorists against us to try to destroy our arguments, but Allah (swt) humiliates them every time, alhamdolillah. Tonight also, you will see the part 2 of the same debate where Reza Roomi, Ali Chishti and Hasan askari rizvi bang their heads against our solid wall, alhamdolillah . All their hypothesis and objectives are to target Islam, Ideology of Pakistan and Pak army and then they get a jaw breaking response from us!

Now the liberal terrorists are helpless as their secular narrative has been comprehensibly destroyed and their attempts to use TTP Khawarij to present them as ISI created Islam has been crushed decisively. Watch the helplessness of the secular fascists tonight, inshAllah

don't miss. 8 PM on Dunya News. khair inshAllah.

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