Monday, August 12, 2013

Be mentally prepared and take our advice seriously now.

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] shared a link.

August 12, 2013
We had been warning from ages that when crisis and anarchy would grow inside Pakistan after the elections, Indians would start border clashes which may become a full fledged war. It is not easy to control "limited" wars which can easily get out of control into full scale or even unconventional wars.

Idiots used to make fun of our analysis. Now, there are only 55 days to this new govt and we have a full scale anarchy in the country and a real threat of a full scale war on East. I wish, this nation would have listened to our advice and cancelled the elections and brought a patriotic caretaker government. But now, we all have to suffer and face the destiny as it unfolds. These are difficult times and scenario can change dramatically at short notice. DO NOT panic but wait for our next analysis.

War with this government in power would be a disaster. Pak army would need all the support from the nation. Be mentally prepared and take our advice seriously now. DO NOT let the idiots or the snakes confuse you more. Khair inshAllah.

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